Game Aids, Maps and general tips & experiences for Takeover at Whisperbase

Hello there =)

I’m preparing to run an expanded version of the Takeover at Whisperbase Adventure as a Oneshot and was looking for additional / alternative maps etc. on the web, but didnt find that much.

I’d be curious if maybe someone had stuff like that laying around?
I’m currently trying to figure out how to make a map of the Jungle but without these Zoom-Ins on the locations, so I can provide my players with a plain map.

I’ll be running the adventure with the players arriving in System, or having landed in the jungle instead of them entering the base right away; The opposition will also be a bit beefed up since the Oneshot characters are already on Knight Level =)

I’ve also been looking for digital versions of the maps because the physical ones are so damn small and I dont have a scanner -_-

Has someone got some game aids from their session laying around still or some tips on what works well in this adventure?

I got my maps digitalized now thanks to a friend, so I can start editing and make more comprehensive maps for the adventure.

If someone has additional game-aids / handouts or GM experiences to share about Takeover at Whisperbase I’d still be interested though =)

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Just wanted to report back on how it went.
I went ahead as planned and expanded the official Maps a bit and digitalized them to be able to use them on my gaming table.
I also expanded the Adventure to include the pc’s landing in the jungle far away from the base and needing to make the trip through the jungle.
The Base complement was increased to be more in line with the pc’s experience level;
I kept it simple and added 3 KX Security Droid Rivals which get equipped with T21 Light Repeating Blasters once the alarm is sounded.
Outside the base somehwere in the jungle, I included some Scout Biker Patrols as well as 2 Scout Sniper Rivals.
And in the case the PC’s make one hell of a ruckus, Serev will be able to call back to base a squad of Shadowtroopers (Rivals) who are currently being trained by a Stormcommando Veteran (Nemesis) deep in the jungle.

I ended up with a really fun ~8 hour playtime Adventure and since the PC’s managed to capture the base but at the same time alert the Stormcommando and the Shadowtroopers to their presence (resulting in all imperial troops currently in the jungle going dark because they noticed the base had fallen) we will have a smaller Adventure for my players to somehow manage that situation and keep the base secure until reinforcements arrive.

I had 5 players for this, most of them rpg newbies and from the feedback I got back, this was a very smooth introduction =)