Help for New GMs

While prepping my stuff this weekend, my sick little mind created this:

A quick fire way to knock up acquisitions, mainly for newbie GMs. If the BH player states ‘I wish to go off to the Guildhouse’

Number of offences (d8 equals level of bounty)

1 – 4. 500, 1 offence

5 – 6. 1000, 2 offences

  1. 1500, 1d3 offences

  2. 2000, 1d4 offences

Then roll a d20 for the offence(s)

1 Membership of a disallowed Political Group (e.g. the Free Ryloth Movement, possible links to the Rebel Alliance)

2 Assaulting Imperial Personnel or Citizen

3 Murder of Imperial Personnel or Citizen

4 Kidnapping Imperial Personnel or Citizen

5 Evading Arrest

6 Possession/carrying of Illegal weapons (usually on a planet where firearms/weapon carrying is disallowed)

7 Possession of controlled substances (including salt on Arcona)

8 Damage to Imperial Property

9 Breaking into an Imperial Facility

10 Data Slicing

11 Data slicing into an Imperial Facility

12 Jamming/Intercepting Imperial Transmissions

13 Harbouring a fugitive

14 Transporting a fugitive

15 Transporting illegal weapons

16 Transporting controlled substances (including salt)

17 Buying/selling stolen goods (anything, including a landspeeder or speeder bike ‘chop shop’)

18 Aiding and Abetting Criminal Activity

19 Operating an Illegally modified ship

20 Ship Jacking

This is by no means exhaustive and it was scribbled down in a rush so feel free to edit or move stuff about. You may roll 1 offence and realise there’s a linked one further down – 7 & 16 or 17 & 18 for example. I couldn’t be bothered to edit it :blush:

Also, some probably will except higher values, these are really for Imperial Planetary Postings.

Next up – Hutt Postings.

Use a d8 for number of offences. Use the ‘Petty Offences’ Below (d10):

Petty Offences

1 Incorrect Ingredients in a meal

2 Incorrect Protocols (incorrect word or phrase translated)

3 On duty during death of a pet (rancor or stalking acklay etc)

4 Being attracted to, or flirting with, their favourite slave!

5 Substandard Musical Performance

6 Substandard Dance Performance

7 Omission of Important fact or facts (i.e. the Majordomo left something out in conversation)

8 Incorrect Menu order (plate 4 before plate 3, dessert before main etc)

9 Incorrect placement of tattoo (on the Hutt’s body or the body of a slave)

10 Substandard cleaning (kitchen utensils, the rancor pit, the sail barge etc)

Again this is not exhaustive and I’m sure some savvy GMs could come up with some more.

Inspiration came from The Bounty Hunter’s Code, No Disintegrations, D6 SW Bounty Hunters and the How to be a Better GM YouTube Channel.