Help with Homebrew Talents

As part of a large homebrew project, I’m trying to add a series of linked talents to give a sort of “specialization” feel for certain skills. For example, a crafter might wish to specialize in being a smith, or a melee character may wish to specialize in swords vs axes. That sort of thing. To save space, I’m going to give simple one sentence explanations. I’m hoping for someone to help me with the proper Tiers for these talents, or point out any issues I haven’t noticed.

First batch(es) will be weapons.

The Choppa T2: Gives BOO when using Melee with any axe.
The Choppa (improved) T3: One less ADV is needed to damage an opponent’s gear, including shields, but not weapons.
The Choppa (improved) T4: While using any Axe, may use ADV ADV on an attack roll to snag a defender’s shield or buckler and rip it from their grasp, making it fall to the ground.
Edited after input.

Hammer Time T2: Gives BOO when using Melee with any mace, hammer, or warhammer.
Hammer Time (improved) T3: When Disorient is applied as part of a melee weapon attack (nearly all blunt weapons in my setting) you may increase the Disorient rating by 1 per Strain expended (thus increasing the duration of the the Disorient).
Hammer Time (supreme) T4: When attacking with a melee weapon with the Knockdown quality, it requires 1 less ADV to activate, to a minimum of 1.

Ol’ Ball & Chain T2: Gives BOO when using Flails (any) with a Melee attack.
Ol’ Ball & Chain (improved) T3: Ignore 1 defense from Shields of opponents when using a Flail
Ol’ Ball & Chain (supreme) T4: Opponents may not use the Parry ability against you when making attacks with a Flail.

Arbalester T1: During the first round of combat (only) crossbow attacks gain 1 automatic ADV if already prepared.
Arbalester (improved) T2: Gives BOO when using Ranged with any crossbow.
Arbalester (supreme) T3: Spend 1 Strain to remove one from the Prepare quality of any crossbow. Can spend multiple Strain to remove more?

Pole Dancer T1: May instead choose to attack with the opposite end of any polearm as if it is a Staff. Polearms includes any polearm, but also staves and spears. If the weapon IS a staff, this talent instead grants Linked 1, but it requires 3 ADV to activate.
Pole Dancer (improved) T2: Gives BOO with any polearm including staves and spears.
Pole Dancer (supreme) T3: May dual wield with any polearm by using the opposite end, default is a staff attack without attachments.

The Blade Itself T2: Gives BOO when using any sword.
The Blade Itself (improved) T3: May spend 2 ADV on a Melee attack with a sword, to give yourself BOO with the same attack against the same opponent next action. However, the GM may also spend 1 THR from your attack to give the same opponent a BOO against you during his next attack.
The Blade Itself (supreme) T4: When attacked while wielding a sword with the defensive quality, you may force the attacker to reroll any Setback die of your choice after the attack was rolled by spending 1 Strain per die.

Scrapper T1: This is the same as the Tavern Brawler T1 talent from Terrinoth. It adds ADV to combat checks when using improvised weapons.
Scrapper (improved) T2: BOO when using any mundane weapons. This does not include Improvised weapons. It does include anything that could be considered “civilian” – staves, knives, clubs, hatchets, wood axes, etc. This BOO does not stack with the BOO given by other weapon talents?
Scrapper (supreme) T3: You know how to use mundane items in a deadly way. Any mundane weapon you yield gains the Vicious 1 quality.

Backstab T3: From Terrinoth. If the target is unaware, each success gives 2 damage instead of 1.
Backstab (improved) T4: Automatic 2 ADV added to any backstab check. Just 1 ADV?
Backstab (supreme) T5: May expend 1 Strain to add Vicious 1 (+10 to Critical Injury roll) to a backstab with a critical result. Must spend the Strain before the critical roll is made. May spend multiple Strain (a.i. before the critical result roll, spend 3 Strain to add +30 to the roll).

I probably wouldn’t have the add boost talents, but that’s a personal thing.

The Choppa (Improved) seems overly situational.

Pole Dancer: What does attacking with the opposite end imply for spears? Does it gain Disorient, Stun Damage, or something else? Does it provide a profile, or do you have a special profile for attacking with the shaft of a spear?

Scrapper (Improved): I’d better define this and remove it’s application to any weapon, and apply it to “odd” or improvised weapons, like knuckledusters, truncheons.

Scrapper (Improved): I’d maybe make this like Counterattack. Allow the character trigger any item quality with 2 advantage.

I wanted each weapon series to give a skill boost in some way so, the axe specialist would be better with his axe then his sword. Another option?

Good point.

I have a new quality called “Reach” for some weapons (such as spears, polearms, long melee weapons with a Short range) that give an advantage over shorter weapons. However, they give a disadvantage if someone has moved to Engaged. Thus, there’s a generic improvised attack form such as shaft or a pommel strikes that doesn’t have Reach and gives Disorient, iirc.

I have a “Mundane” class of weaponry in my gear list. Yes, perhaps apply it to improvised attacks also, not sure why I specifically ruled that out in the first place. I like the supreme version, a way for a “scrapper” using whatever is at hand to a deadly affect.

Thanks for the inputs. I’m very concerned I don’t have the Tiers right. I really don’t have a good grasp of tiers, so lots of them are a shot in the dark; guesswork.

And a few more…

Finesse Fighter T1: May swap Agility for Brawn when making Brawl or Melee attacks with weapons of Encumbrance 2 or lower.
Finesse Fighter (improved) T2: Finesse may apply to weapons of Enc 3 or lower.
Finesse Fighter (supreme) T3: When using Finesse, lower CR rating of any Enc 1 or lower weapons by 1.

Shield Fighter T1: This is the Shield Slam talent from Terrinoth. 4xTHR or TRI to Stagger a Minion or Rival until the end of it’s next turn.
Shield Fighter (improved) T2: Add BOO to any attacks with a shield.
Shield Fighter (supreme) T3: Shield Slam now only requires 3xTHR to activate.

Shield Wall T1: You may make the Shield Wall as an action (Average Melee) to provide SET to any attacks against one engaged ally also armed with a shield until your next turn.
Shield Wall (improved) T2: Your Shield wall can apply to two engaged allies that are armed with shields.
Shield Wall (supreme) T3: You can make the Shield Wall action as only a Maneuver.

Berserker T2: As Berserk from Genesys Core.
Berserker (improved) T3: While Berserk and suffering from at least 1 Wound, add +1 damage to melee attacks.
Berserker (supreme) T4: As Death Rage from Terrinoth. Does not stack with the +1 damage from Improved. Essentially, +2 damage once suffer a critical injury, replacing the +1 damage if wounded.

Grappler (supreme) T3: Brawl attacks gain the Ensnare quality with a rating equal to the character’s Brawn. Once Ensnared, any movement or Actions break the Ensnare. For each hand carrying an object, apply another ADV to activate (thus if have a sword in one hand, requires 3ADV).