Help with our Group Name!

Hey all, currently playing in an Old Republic game. We are on the Imperial Side, though working as contracted Mercenaries. We have a:

Sith Pureblood

And here is a list of group names I have suggested. But I’d like your help with some more. I appreciate names can be tough when you dont really know the party personally. But we’re looking for something cool.

Durasteel Legion
Obsidian Hand
Vermillion Trails
Sundries & Supernovas
Valiant Vornskyrs
The Jolly Jakobeasts
Madness & Melancholy
The Rabid Six
Gundarks Revenge
Dragonfire & Deathsticks
The Last Eclipse
Dubious & Dangerous
The Tenacious Tuk’ata
The Bantha Blasters
Wicked Womp Ratz
The Carnage Syndrome
Glitter & Stims
The Five & The Fiend
Friends & Firepaste
Frivolous with Firepaste
The Crimson Fist
The Tall Order
The Limit Testers
The Anger
The Chaos Crew
Emperors New Groove (lol)
The Abominable
Problem People
The Special Circumstance
The Traumatized Tauntauns
Cold & Cringeworthy
Blasters & Blundas
The Storm Chasers

A few questions:
Weapons/fighting style: I guess it’s probably a variety, but if there’s any running theme (slicey things), it can help.
Important NPCs: If there’s some key player who the PCs work for or who leads them, easy enough to give them a name like “Sadar’s Sword.”
Common point of origin: Ditto the above.
How comedic are you actually looking for? Puns and alliteration only, or are more serious suggestions preferred?

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Currently working for a Imperial Intelligence Commander. Relationship has been rocky at best.

Here’s the equipment:

Sith Pureblood: Vibrosword
Arkanian: Brass Knuckles
Felucian: Bow & Arrow
Gungan: Chain Gun
Besalisk: Pole-Axe
Vratix: Fists

Mainly Melee or Brawl. Nobody is below 3 Brawn. All are above 6ft tall other than the only female, the Arkanian at 5.9’

We met on Tatooine, but only stayed for under a day. Funny and serious themes welcome.

Alright, kitschy, punny, serious, and cliché all included:

  • Gale’s Guerillas (as in storm, but it’s a funny pun with people asking “Who’s Gale?”)
    Guerilla Gale sounds too much like a name (like “Buffalo Bill”)
  • Tatooine Tornado
  • Oblivion’s Whirlwind
  • Fallen Angels
  • Two-Bit Terrors (perhaps an appropriated insult)
  • Tempest
  • Thunderbolts (sure it’s my name, but it’s a good name!)
  • Chaos Commandos
  • Thrashers
  • Finishers

What kind of goals or obligations do the party have? That can be an important contributor to a group name. Also, they could have been named by their enemies, so a group name that sounds terrifying could be appropriate as well.

Well in all honesty. We’re 4 sessions in so the characters don’t know much about each other at all, so it could still perhaps be too early.

The only real enemies we’ve come accross so far would be Republic Soldiers, a Jedi and a Colicoid that imprisoned us on Kessel.