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In the heads, there is an SWRPGCommunity and a Home button.
For me it would be logical that the Home takes me back to the forum main page, as we are here, and the SWRPG leads to the main site, however it is currently the other way around.
Am I the only one confused by that? I’m already used to it, but for new users, this could be clearer.


You have a point, but I am used to it as a website I use also uses this forum software and is set up in the same way. It actually took a minute for this Tooka to get it, but then once I found the software for the forum is identical to National Novel Writing Month’s forum software it became much much easier to tell the difference

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Yep it’s a website, not just a forum. Took me a sec to get used to things too. I changed my shortcut from the primary site to Latest topics - SWRPG Community Forum since it goes directly to the “latest topics”.

When in the forums, you can simply hit the “SWRPG Community” button on the top left which acts like a Home button for just the forums. Then, if you want to go look at the rest of the good stuff on the site, hit the Home button on the top right by the search icon.

Make sure you go through the forum training also. I wanted to skip it, but once I understood some things the software here is a step up from what I’m used to. I love the easy quoting, for example.


Perhaps a update to the HOME button on its own to say “Site Home” instead ?

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I should definitely do that!

I’ll play around with the language and visuals to see if we can do something more logical. Thanks for the discussion!

But yeah just to note like others have, the forum “home” button is the logo in the top left.

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Yes, the forum training was very helpful. I’d had no idea that we could collapse lines of text.

It's magic.


It’s probably me, but I honestly can’t find it neither on forum nor on the main site.

It showed up for me after a certain number of posts.

I might have skipped it then :( gamer habits, we dont ne no education! :smiley:

There was some automated “training” as part of the initial registration. Then there’s some more after you hit certain goal(s).