How realistic is a Traitorous Chiss Faction? (Splintergroup or something)

Hello =)
So I’m in the process of reworking the Story for one of my Campaign Player’s character (Chiss, Ex-Bountyhunter) since the overall story recently took a different turn than I had originally expected.
Ok this might evolve into quite a wall of text, but I dont know how to explain it any better :sweat_smile:

Since the original story for that character would now be very far away from the group’s dealings I’m trying to plan a alternative.

Gist of his Story so far (that has been played / is fact):
He and his SpecOps Team back in Chiss space, unknowingly discovered a Hideout for Force-Sensitive Chiss-Children used by influential and rich Chiss to keep their Children and their Reputation save.
Instead of a promotion or pat on the back his team got seperated and partly wiped out, due to the father of one of these hidden force-sensitives was / is a Governor of a Planet in the Ascendancy.
He himself survived a bombing and fled into the Galaxy. (Some of his ex-team also got out, but he hasnt made contact to many of them).

What I would now like to do, is to make the Faction around the Governor continue to hunt him and his team aswell as siding with the still rather unknown threat of the Grysk because of the public backlash they recieved from hiding their children from the Ascendancy and messing with inner security matters.
While the Intelligence Official tasked with hunting my Player down would try to get him back into the fold as an informant / undercover agent for the Ascendancy to keep an eye on the escalating state of the civil war.

Now to my Question:
Since my Chiss Player has gone deep into the Chiss novels (the new ones) and I have not had nearly enough time to do the same;
Is a Traitor-Faction within the Chiss Ascendancy a realistic proposal?
I know they are pretty closed-up to the outside and disciplined, but on the other hand their government is very restrictive if you dont play along.

I want to avoid implementing a story that my player would find hard to believe / wouldn’t make sense in the lore.
It’s not usually an issue, since our group is very open and not really bound by canon, legends or anything; but I’d still try to make sure I’m not cooking up something totally outlandish :sweat_smile:

Can anyone give any evaluation on this?
(I might be overthinking again, but better safe than sorry)

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There are always struggles for power, even in an isolationist society. What are called traitors could even just simply be an arm of a political faction that isn’t officially recognized. There are real-world examples that I won’t mention (to keep the forum on topic), but I’m sure you could think about it and figure out what I mean.

To implement this you will need to figure out what the main political faction is wanting to obtain, while also figuring out how the “traitors” are being used to obtain that goal.


thanks, that’s a good perspective.
I’ll keep that in mind.