Hull Threshold for non-vehicle objects (blast door)

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My memory is poor and I can’t seem to find any answers on the fly. Is it listed anywhere what a common Imperial blast door/bulk head etc. can handle in respect to its armor & Wounds/Hull Threshold? Are there any such “material integrity” rulings anywhere in FFGSWRPG? (Yes, I know you can just handwave it and say "blasters can’t shoot through Blast Doors while lightsabers will get through in time, but I’d nonetheless like to see some rules on the matter, please).

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I do not believe so, not in any of the books I have. I’d suggest that you make a hotsheet of basic types of materials that may need destruction.
For a blast door, something like 1 Armor/10 Soak and 2 HTT/20 WT seems fair. I’d use the Armor/HT numbers since it stops Pierce. Shaped Thermal Charges and Thermal Detonators can go through it easily though, so it all depends on what you want out of it. Pushing it up to 3 HTT is also reasonable, but you shouldn’t push it up to 2 Armor or most lightsabers won’t be able to damage it. A Heavy Repeating Blaster could do pretty well if you use Soak/WT, but less-so if you use Armor/HTT.

With the exception of lightsabers (for which I’d make it a Simple check) and charges (for which there are proscribed difficulties), I’d suggest blasters or other comparable weapons simply deal base damage +1. Being more accurate with a DL-44 isn’t going to make it dent it any harder, and if it comes to luck a beginner is going to have just as much chance as an expert.

For a secure door that isn’t a full-on blast door, something like 10 Soak, 10 WT seems fair. A single shaped charge will blow right through it like nothing, and a round or two with a lightsaber will easily get through, but light blasters will be shrugged off and heavier blasters will have a hard time getting through, though they’ll do it eventually.

Then for the metal door to the janitor’s closet, 5 Soak and 5 WT is probably enough. Most stuff will either go through it like paper or only take one or two shots.

You’ll probably want to experiment with numbers and try making options for other sorts of materials (transparisteel, windows, plastoid walls, etc.) but that’s my suggestion for a starting point.


Although it’s not a blast door, the walls of the Sanctuary in Beyond the Rim have HTT and armor values in case someone want to destroy it. IIRC it’s like there’s the same threshold for every 20 meters of wall.

I’d go by this like P-47 suggested and make my own values for materials.

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Reading this reminded me of the ‘magnetically sealed’ door in the DS1 trash compactor which just caused the blaster bolt to ricochet wildly around the room. I wonder how that would be handled mechanically (and why anything fortified doesn’t have it).


My theory is that for a blaster bolt to ricochet, the target must be extremely dense and smooth and the bolt must hit at an angle. If the target isn’t dense enough, a bolt will be able to compress and detonate before it can deflect. If it isn’t smooth, there’s more space for the bolt to get “caught,” mimicking penetration, compressing, and subsequently detonating. If the bolt hits straight on, it will simply flatten against the surface.
To damage something so dense, you have to have a very powerful blaster bolt because it won’t gain much penetration, so the blast must be enough to damage the surface.

Mechanically, if the PCs want to try shooting blasters at something I rule would deflect them, then there’s no check but they roll a Challenge die. If it comes up 2 Threat, a character takes 2 Strain. If it comes up Despair, it inflicts a hit on one of the characters.

Say it is shielded and while the shield is on, the bolts ricochet. Then roll coordination or d100 to not get hit :smiley:
Uh, even better, treat the door with as an NPC with adversary 1 and 2 ranks of Improved Reflect :smiley:

For Magnetic Shielding I’d just upgrade the attack difficulty once and rule that a Despair means you hit yourself or one of your friends. Keep it simple.


Actually yeah, that’s easier. :slight_smile:

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