I made a "What You can Do List" for players

Hey all!

I’m a GM for a SW FFG game and while its been going really well, I find my players are not really sure or aware about how much you can do as a player in this game. Whenever I ask them that fateful question: “Now that you have some free time what does your character do?” I tend to get deer in headlights. They dont intend to freeze up, but in all honesty…its alot of freedom you have as a player in SW FFG! So to combat this, I made a simple graphic that pairs with their cheat sheet so they dont have to try and remember every little thing you can do in your game.

Let me know thoughts!

for context, I have been a GM for a few years and I tend to be pretty flexible adding newer players into the game, so sometimes we get a good amount who are new all together. Most of my games are more narrative focused; its just how those groups like to play as they tend to get bored waiting for their turn in combat. This may just be a tool I only use and no one else finds useful, but I can say that tonight at our session they enjoyed having it and it really helped make a more interactive and engaged dynamic.

Link is fixed!


Neither of those docs are publicly available. If you want to share them on the forum, I recommend you change the permissions to “anyone with the link” so viewers don’t have to request access individually.

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See I thought it was just a really fun joke.

Sorry! Its fixed now!

It’s still giving me an error when I try to open it.

I forgot to update the link when I changed the permissions! Its fixed now!


Looks great and nice layout btw. Thank your doing this.

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