Ideas for an Underwater Imperial Base

Hi everyone!

I’m planning on doing an underwater imperial fortress for 3ABY game I’m running (which I’m going to make similar to the Fortress Inquisitorious on Nur) but the issue I’m coming up against is fleshing out the size of the place with rooms that are either relevant or interesting. I’ve got some serious writer’s block on this one.

I know I need a barracks, medical facility, training rooms, canteen, storage facility, power generation, prison block and landing bays, but aside from that I’m actually kinda stuck for additional ideas to make it an interesting place.

If people could throw any ideas at me to flesh the place out - and any fun rooms you’ve included in an imperial base which your parties liked - I’d be extremely grateful. Thanks for reading.


I would think about adding a engineering control room. A command center. Administrative (HR) areas. Intel sensitive monitoring areas. Officer quarters. Off duty rec areas. Special underwater access bays for subs. Vault for payroll or other sensitive items. Lastly an experimental lab. Hopefully this gives you some ideas.


Armory, kitchen, sub-launch room (can be at very base level. There’s an Imperial submarine walker in Strongholds of Resistance/my equipment spreadsheet), the commandant’s quarters, a posh conference room, a gunnery deck, reactor room/power level.

Also, don’t sweat an exact floorplan too much. I would make notes of what sorts of rooms there are and maybe what’s on what level (and therefore what’s near what), but trying to actually draw a floorplan can hamstring you sometimes as the game might move in a way you don’t suspect and you’ll be wishing something was closer (or farther away) than you’d marked it as being.

You also prevent yourself from inserting anything you forgot that suddenly became relevant, or something the PCs requested to discover with a Triumph or something.

Plus, there’s always the difficulty of making it believable, and of all the time invested. You aren’t a military architect, so you’re unlikely to make a floorplan that makes total sense and won’t have at least one of your players asking why something is the way it is.

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