Identify this ship

I came across this ship in a fan made D6 Corellian Ship Catalogue. It was ID’ed there as a YT-3000, but not such ship exists I can find.


It seems like comic art. Anyone know what the art is originally from please?

It looks like there is nothing from an official source on a YT-3000. However, there seems to be several versions of the YT-3000 from fan sources. The one you posted is the only one I found with the central cockpit configuration. There are others with a starboard cockpit that look like the YT-1300 with some structural changes. One has the space between the docking arms filled in and the other has a larger structure around the starboard cockpit.

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yt_3000_by_theprofezzzor_dcikf59-pre.jpg (1192×670) (