In search of a fan-made adventure from early 2010s

Hi, brand new here. I’m searching for an older fan-made adventure that I fear may have been lost to time. Back when SWRPG first came out, there was a podcast called Order 66. One of the hosts, GM Chris, wrote an adventure that I think was just called Amnesia, where the PCs all wake up in a bank vault with amnesia and don’t know how they got there or what is going on. It’s a great one-shot and introduction to the system. I have searched and searched but can’t find this adventure anywhere. I don’t think GM Chris is on the podcast anymore, and it looks like he has vanished from social media. Anyone here remember this adventure and know where I could possibly find a copy? Many thanks.

I believe you’re looking for GM Chris’s “Forgotten” module. It can be found here, under 2015 Content in both a 6-PC and 4-PC format.

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Ahh this is it! Thank you so much! I even went on d20 radio’s site but never saw this section. Thanks again!

Nah, Chris and Phil still host it. It’s Dave who’s had to mostly step away. Episodes are sporadic currently, thanks to real life intruding (same for Chris and Hooly’s Genesys podcast, The Forge). (The most recent episode was March 6th’s reaction/discussion episode for The Book of Boba Fett, with the most recent game-focused episode being December 23, 2021, spotlighting the Ebb/Flow Force power.) Chris’ strongest social media presence is the D20 Radio/GamerNation Facebook page and the D20 Radio Discord server.

Or, at least, that’s what I’d guess if I listened. But I Never Listen to the Order 66 Podcast. ™ :wink: