[Inspiration] Hutt tournemant : BattleRoyal style?, Harry potter Style?, Gladiator style?


Actually between 2 campaign (Force & Destiny), i have managed to organize a little impro scenario, and one of my player would really like is PC to be a great famous warrior (not approuved, yoda will) and is morality is little low lol.

So no problems for me I setup a Big huge inter galactic tournament organized by the Hutt, and i’m looking for inspiration :grin:, did i organized it :

  • BattleRoyal Style : Fight after fight until one left
  • Harry potter Style (this one will be my first choice) : A succession of trial and fight organized in turn
  • Gladiator/Geonosis Style : A succession of fight between NPC participant and créature
  • Other Style ? / Mix ?

The stuff i know shall arrived is :

  • No lightsaber, the empire participate to the tournament, inquisitorium no so far
  • The Hutt will try cheat to win some bets or favorite a NPC participant
  • The final creature he will fight will be a Krayt Dragon (Pearl inside) as reward
  • No blaster

My 3 player have already organized their roles :

  • Black Edeker will be the main participant ( a brilliant mix of kratos (god of wars) and Amos (the Expanse))
  • Pahas’Tis the healer will be in a med stand and in key period will be authorized to support and guide him by holocom
  • Uchebe the social one, will organize some bet and will be invite in the Hutt lodge for the final

How do you will managed it?
Did you have some trial Idea ?

Let me now



I don’t exactly know what you mean by Harry Potter style, but a single-elimination tournament is probably easiest to implement.

Harry Potter style : The tournament in the goblet in fire we’re they have several trial and fight using lots of skills

If it’s one session and it’s between campaigns. I as a GM would think really hard on how to involve the all the players during the scenario.

If I was playing the healer and was called upon periodically to roll a few medicine checks but the rest of the session was mainly focused on the main participant rolling a lot of combat checks and similar I at least would probably get unfocused on the game very quicky.

So planning how to keep the session interesting for all three characters would be important for me as a GM. Getting the social and healer character involved while they’re (litteraly) on the sidelines can take some planning.

In the Pendragon RPG (medieval fantasy themed game with a focus on Knights) where there are a lot of different competitions as part of the tournaments, you have a grand melée, jousting etc.

Generally most competitions are decided by only a few dice rolls, and the focus (at least when we play the game) is on everything around the tournament, like getting close to a famous Knight, finding new quests, and also the grand feast after the tournament and other social stuff. However in Pendragon most (often all) players are Knights and take part in the tournament, so all have their go at the joust, grand melée etc.

In short, try making it so all players have something worthwhile to do every round. Make one roll in the tournament last for 10 minutes, and have ideas for what the healer and social character can do during that time.

For example you could have the social character get the sense that the Hutt is might try to cheat, and he can investigate (maybe together with the healer) and they can assist the character participating in the tournament by giving him heads ups on how and what kind of cheating will happen.

Playing out multiple combats (trials) with the normal combat rules will turn into a long series of dice rolls, with the risk that only one player doing the rolling. At least for me, fewer dice rolls is generally a good thing, leaves more room for roleplaying. :slight_smile:

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I’m note decide yet i think it will be one big session (we play all over the week end 4/6H playtime in average)

Yeah it’s exactly what i have in mind

I think only combat will be boring, but i easly imagine some terrain changing, maze, “Capture The Flag”, etc… to spice the roll

On reddit someone advise my to add some huttball and i think it’s a sweet idea

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There’s a hutt tournament among the Lords of Nal Hutta modulae encounters called “Granee Noopa”.
The first trial is basicly a greeting event with poisoned drinks and licking Hutt-butts. The second is an all out arena, the third is against some monsters.


Yes I already read Iit, with some customization i will use this theme and organise my trials over ‘Diner’ lexique


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I personally like the idea of the Tri-Wizard Tournament style contest. It gives the best opportunity for other party members to be involved and for it to be about more than combat. My recommendation is to use the full scope of space travel and sci-fi to help with this, as well as the lore and world-building of Star Wars to help flesh this out.

No Hutt ever puts on an event unless they are guaranteed to make a huge profit or personal gain from it. So yes, having the hutt cheating with a chosen champion sounds like a great idea, but some other ideas to entertain:

  • The tournament activities result in the players doing jobs that the Hutt needs done (delving for atrifacts, capturing a creature that the hutt wants to sell, eliminating a rival threat)
  • The tournament brings in a lot of cash from betting, and if there’s a lot of bets on a player, the Hutt may try to get them killed so they take the profit
  • The tournament is a recruitment oppportunity for the winner, to become the Hutt’s next favourite mercenary/heavy.

there’s no reason to have this on just one world. Feel free to set the riddles and challenges so that it takes the party to other locations in the sector, and give them a way to report progress via holo-vid so that the Hutt can present a leader-board to spectators.

The krayt dragon fight at the end sounds like a winner, and the pearl is a huge reward, but having something else that the Hutt is putting up for the winner would be interesting. Maybe an old artifact or holocron that the Hutt can’t use but knows is valuable, and maybe it would attract other force-users to compete… who knows.

Having the imperials put someone into the competition who reports back to them would be a great way to keep tension while the party undertakes the challenges.

Sounds like you could have an awesome time with this. Let us know how it goes!


I see nice, imperial as just spectator will be not enought to force them to hide their force power !

The next campaign will be ‘Ghost of Dathomir’ so The crystal could be the price, inquisitorium not far behind, Jerserra too :smiley:

At the moment i setup over Tatoine but it could be a nice idea

The tournement i try to imagine as the disguise for the Hutt to meet and finish some unfinished business. (Someone would try to kill Jaba and he has no choice to backup with my PC, or something like this)

Yes i will put my plot line and organization here for next who have the same question in need of inspiration ! (Magic of internet :heart: )

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