Inspiring Rhetoric Advantage use Clarification needed


In my last campaign session we stumbled a bit because of the way the full text of the Inspiring Rhetoric Talent is described.

The question that came up was:
Can you use multiple Advantages on the same Target (that was already affected by the Talent due to a spent Success) ?

In our example, the smuggler rolled the following result:
2 Successes → so affecting up to 2 Targets and 5 Advantages → We decided upon 1 advantage per person increasing the Strain recovered overall for each target to 2.

Would it have been possible to restore for example 6 Strain overall for 1 target instead by spending all advantages on 1 target?
I would presume yes and that my ruling as described in the example was wrong.

Thanks for your help

The text does not specify that you can only spend 1 Advantage per target.

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