Inspiring Rhetoric Triumphs

I’m not seeing anything that depicts what a Triumph can accomplish with Inspiring Rhetoric (or Scathing Tirade). Am I missing something? Thoughts on uses?

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My Politco just took these, but hasn’t used them much. Thanks for asking the question. I’m interested in other’s ideas too.

Mine: Increase range or double the characters impacted or the impact per character?

Those are great! I was thinking maybe in addition to the regular bonuses one PC recovers additional strain equal to presence or leadership. I’m not sure if bonuses or upgrades would be out of order “PC is so inspired he tries harder till the end of the encounter”.

I haven’t breached the subject with my GM yet, for no other reason than I was looking for the answer and couldn’t find anything, so thought it might be a great question. My GM might already have a solution he likes to use, he’s pretty thoughtful and fair when it comes to these situations.

There is already Improved Inspiring Rhetoric that provides affected PCs boosts for #rounds =leadership ranks. Can’t have the Triumph do that, else the talent is devalued. Doubling gives you a benefit and allows you to spend Advantages and get even more.

Or you could flip it, that it’s so inspiring that it also has the impact of Scathing Tirade to enemies in range (and v.v.).

Of course there are always the infinite variations of some narrative benefit for Triumphs. For Scathing Tirade, the impacted enemies flee or surrender?

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I would usually suggest narrative expenditures for Triumphs in that situation. Maybe you inspire someone on the fringes of the encounter, and they side with you (a group of bystanders who decide to start helping you fight the stormtroopers, for example).

You can also look at the normal combat chart for options, such as passing an Upgrade to an allied character, or even some more unusual ones like gaining Ranged or Melee Defense (better suited for Scathing Tirade if they’re scared of you, making their aim a bit shaky). I’d also allow modified versions of RAW expenditures, like allowing an ally to gain an immediate free Maneuver (for a Triumph, not Advantage) or preventing an opponent from taking a free Maneuver on its next turn (again, for a Triumph. Advantage should be spent on the talent unless you can’t spend any more on it).

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Unless we find a cool narrative way to spend it, my table has ruled that a Triumph can grant an upgrade to all allies affected by Inspiring Rhetoric. It’s a little more powerful than a basic pass and tied into the talent’s structure, but isn’t game breaking by any means. Definitely makes the Politico into an even cooler support character.

When my player got the Supreme upgrades of both IR and ST—allowing her to take strain and use each as a maneuver—she became a whirlwind of dice. “You’re cool. You suck. Eat lasers.” Very fun.

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That’s really great, and makes allot of sense. I think sometimes we get stuck on “it tells me what to do with successes and advantages, why not triumphs”, when there’s no need to explain when there are other existing mechanics that do.


I’ll have to ask my GM if we can implement something like that. To me it does make sense. I just gave a triumphantly inspiring speech, everyone is now super motivated!

I’m playing a Prophet, Supreme would be out of the question (with this tree), but that could still work really well with Inspired!