IPKC, not Hutt or Independent, Bounty Hunter

I’ve just realised, after mulling over the last gaming session, that the BH player with an IPKC just willingly took part in a smuggling operation to make some credits, not part of an investigation! oh dear…shall I put a small bounty on their head: WANTED - Alive, C500, Crime: Possible links to small time smuggling operation, wanted for questioning? :smile:

or let it slide as an omission and explain the ramifications for the player next time it comes up?

p.s. I’m usually more savvy than this but i slipped… coz I’m not perfect


Maybe not just a straight up bounty on them, but a bounty on someone vaguely matching their description. Like, someone saw them smuggling, but high stress makes it hard to remember details.

Then give them a job to investigate this “mysterious smuggler” that looks kinda like them. See if they try to turn themselves in for credits, or spread misinformation to distance themselves from the smuggling job.

That way they’re more aware that getting a bounty on themselves is a possibility without just simply slapping them with a fine!


tbh i may let it slide this time. According to ND (and maybe The BH Code) a BH can smuggle as cover for an ongoing investigation… I think they’d have to log it with the IOCI to cover themselves so the IOCI could send in a cover agent to ‘inspect the cargo manifest and the ship’ to sign it all off as legal… there’s a plot element right there…an agent on the take could sign it off then get it intercepted on the way to sell themselves etc

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