Jedi pay scale

Anyone run an all-Jedi game before? Trying to figure out how many credits to give the players so they can buy equipment, etc.

I am thinking that padawans get an allowance, while knights might get adventure funds, while masters probably have that company credit card.

Jedi eschew material possessions, so I’d say none.

They get an expense account for mission-related expenses, but when you look at actual Jedi, what do they own? A lightsaber, a cloak, and a Jedi-issue utility belt (with kit).

So basically, everything is free but they own nothing. If they need it for the mission, they get it. If they need to buy it for the mission and it isn’t outrageously expensive, they can buy it. They’re spending the taxpayer’s money, after all. Fiscal responsibility isn’t even encouraged.

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I didn’t start them with a lightsaber, in order for them to enjoy crafting their own for the padawan arc. Most of them have used a training lightsaber to practice duel against the instructor with, but when they go rogue on adventures (tracking down an information network/syndicate) they have been lacking in equipment.

At least the second time around they “borrowed” some training sabers to take with them.

For lightsabers, I would consider it a given. Huyang didn’t ask the younglings for their credit card information, after all. If you need to balance the cost of what’s available to them, I would handle that narratively. “Oh, you’re just a Padawan. You aren’t ranked highly enough to have such a tricked-out lightsaber. Prove yourself, and then maybe you can have [X number of credits increase to crafting budget].”

But for field missions, I’d just say expense account. Lower-ranked Jedi would probably get a set budget, while higher-ranked/more trusted Jedi would receive a virtually unlimited expense account.

Of course, depending on the mission the set amount of credits could be increased or decreased, but that’s just a general guideline. It also allows you, as the GM, to use credits as a limitation. When your PCs have an income, they can get to the point of being materially unchallengeable since they have what they need and enough left over. But when they are restricted to a certain expense account, what happens when they find out they need more money than they’re allowed to spend? And they’re out of contact with their superiors and can’t request more?

They gamble on pod races, of course.

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