Jetpack Rodeo

I have a PC in my game who is a jetpack racer.

It is time for a competition/race.

What would a jetpack rodeo look like? What sort of events do you see that pit jetpackers against one another?

Some of the things in my head…

A straight-away, quarter-mile sort of drag race.

Fly the unstable jetpack (like bull riding).

Obstacle speed and accuracy course.

What can you think of?


Suicide Burn: The competitors are released from a great height and the winner is the one who waits the longest before initiating a burn to slow down.

Jetpack Wrestling: The two competitors hover over a force field and grapple each other attempting to get their opponent to hit the field. This is a particularly acrobatic contest.


Ooo, this is a very Mando-sounding event! I like it!
So of course, my mind goes directly to an aerial battle. Stun rounds only (or is it… <_<), but last one standing wins.
Another one that might be fun is a 3D football (gridiron football, AKA the good stuff) or basketball-like competition. If football, you would “tackle” by deactivating the opponent’s jetpack. Grav dampeners on the ground provide a safety net for long falls.


To expand on this, it gives good opportunities for Coordination, Piloting (Planetary), Athletics, Brawl, Ranged (Light) (for throwing things), and even social skills like Leadership, Deception and Coercion. Something like Mechanics could also come into play as you try to reactivate your jetpack before you hit the ground.

Actually implementing something like this would probably be more a matter of throwing narrative situations at the player(s) and then calling for a specific check to see how it ends up, not actually involving initiative order and multiple slots.


These are all great ideas! I’m kind of seeing a tournament style competition like in A Knight’s Tale. Competitors sign up for just the events they want to participate in. But the big, prestigious event might be something like a general race on a treacherous course.

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You beat me to it. The High Jump. I was thinking racers start on the ground on a marked pad. At go, they shoot up to a set altitude, then plummet back down to land again. First one back that’s still conscious wins. :laughing: On the way back down, for each Upgrade to the purple dice you take, you get an Upgrade to your green dice, simulating the faster you plummet, the riskier it gets.

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I would consider doing a Jetpack Jousting event. Where two competitors charge at each other and score points for hitting the opponent, and more points for knocking them out of the sky.