Kenobi Teaser

In case you missed it:

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Uh oh.

This doesn’t look good.

First off, the inquisitors we recognize from Rebels look terrible. Fifth Brother looks comparatively scrawny, and the Grand Inquisitor’s head is entirely the wrong shape.

That aside, I have some issues with the story. If the Empire is chasing Obi-wan, then they believe that he is alive. If they believe he is alive, why do they ever stop chasing him? Why is it not an all-consuming obsession for Vader? Why is Kenobi confident enough in his own safety to settle on Tatooine right by the one he is supposed to be protecting?

I have multiple issues with this, and do not expect them to be resolved. One can hope, but I fear they were willing to compromise narrative integrity to make money, which is understandable and unsurprising, but very disappointing. I will withhold judgement until I have seen the show, but I’m not optimistic.

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Well, suppose we will get the answer t that question within the show.
Perhaps they did not know that he survived. It may be that they find out at the beginning of the show and that might be the reason he flees the planet and who knows, he might fake his death in a believable way again.
Too many ifs and might be´s to already have story issues after a trailer of less than 2 minutes.

I am happy with the trailer.
I like the tone. I like that it transports Obi Wans loneliness and defeat.
I like the overall visuals. Seems to be at the same level as Mandalorian was.
I do not care much if the inquisitors look the same as in the Rebels Show. The only thing I do not like is the same I had during Rebels - the helicoptersabers.


I noticed all of those things, and also had a cringe moment when it looked like Uncle Owen was trying to do some weird sliding trick to get away from the Imperials. When did Uncle Owen become that important to the story? All he needed to do was say no to town visits and to harvest the moisture before sundown.

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It seems that the inquiaitor is showing a demonstration, shaking the people of the town.
Owen being in the trailer says nothing about his importance in the show itself.
Besides, there was not much story, Luke growing up, as far as I know, so how should we know how important Owen will be or should be for the story?
And no town visits for a guy running a remote farm in the desert over let´s say 18 years is a bit of a ridiculous demand.
Last time I checked Amazon wasn´t that prominent on Tatooine.

Pretty much all of this.

If the object of a trailer is to make me more interested in watching a show, this ain’t it. Looks like butt, didn’t ask for it, desperately tired of Tatooine, all these actors deserve better.

Okay, I did love that Deborah Chow is getting more work. She’s a really good director.

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What a bunch of negatives here :wink:
But I understand. After the bad Boba Fett show perhaps I should be more careful, too.


This is either a misunderstanding or a strawman.
@SuperWookie didn’t say that he wouldn’t take any town visits, he said that Owen’s role was to be a grumpy uncle (who says “no” to requests to visit town), not an action hero.
That scene doesn’t mean he will be an action hero or particularly prominent in the show, but SuperWookie saw something he believes to indicate that he takes those sorts of actions or fulfills that sort of role (I was so disinterested in the trailer that I didn’t pick up on very much other than that he was there), and so pointed it out.

Classically, Owen was a simple farmer who didn’t want any trouble, and wanted the same for his nephew. I hope that this show does not change that. Trying to inject unnecessary Imperial entanglements and drama into Luke’s young life (if that is, as it seems, what they are trying to do) is, in my premature estimation, hazardous to narrative integrity.

But like I said, I withhold judgement until I have seen the show. I just do not expect my concerns to be satisfied, though a good writer could.

As mentioned before I am not a native speaker so it is quite possible that I misunderstand from time to time. So it seems I did with the sentence above.
If so, my apologies

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I will watch it, and quite likely I will grumble about all manner of tiny little things— However, I will still enjoy every minute of it!


Ya’ll seem to reeding waaaay too much into next to nothing.
All I can say is, it gave me goose bumps, and I’m feeling super hyped now.
But who knows, maybe I’ve been Duel of the Fates-ed again? Just like I was 23 years ago.


We’re just doing what “critics” these days do not.


Yes, but was this his stance from the very beginning? Or did he get to this point of view over the years? I read no books or comics in that regard so I just can refer to the movies.
So it´s an honest question

Yeah, this looks excellent. Dono what all the fuss is about besides some minor weird character design decisions.


Most of what we’ve seen of him has been after adopting Luke, and his position was always the same.

But in his earlier years, he was just that: A simple farmer. The only action we know he was involved in was the ill-fated attempted rescue of his step-mother, which resulted in several deaths and the loss of his father’s leg. It’s unlikely that he’d seek out any more action, and would likely avoid it if at all possible.

Basically, he’s already had a scarring failed “action hero” attempt, and we know how he ends up. It isn’t likely that it’d take another experience to get him to take that position.

At this stage, discussion of what will happen in the series is all conjecture. For all we know at this stage, that was his second cousin twice removed who simply bears a strong resemblance. However, I’m skeptical. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

I agree they looked kinda wonky. But, that’s a minor thing for me. I’m most concerned about the plot/story.

Perhaps we get to see why he becomes a paranoid, grumpy, get off my sand-lawn type of guy? That’s the sort of things that I like to see in these filler stories. Plot that helps us understand the story we already know better. “Oh that’s why they called Boba Fett a Clone Warrior, cool”

We saw Owen Lars, played by the same prequel actor, that I thought was great. But, I didn’t catch a glimpse of Beru? Any chance the same actress is being used?

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Yep! Bonnie Piesse is in the cast list.

Obviously Owen ends up as no fan of Obi-Wan’s. I’m looking forward to seeing where the animosity comes from. Drawing in an Inquisitor and endangering the very child you’re supposed to be protecting is a pretty good reason.