Koemsayr AD-15 Modular Multi-Role Starfighter attachments?

Hi all,

How would you handle Koemsayr AD-15 Modular Multi-Role Starfighter attachments? (See page 62 in Special Modifications)

The special rule Magnetic Module Rails states that attachments can be removed or added in 10 minutes (with an average Mechanics check). Then there are 5 custom attachments listed.

But can you add or remove any attachment? Or only the custom ones? How about weapons?

As a technician I’m thinking that it would be fun to have a wall full of magnetic attachments, so I can swap them out depending on what’s needed.
Space combat: add Shield generator, laser cannons, Advanced targeting array, Laser focusin array.
Smuggling job: add cargo pods, hyperdrive, Whisperthrust Engine, Cloaking device.
Clearing space debries: CZ-88 Heavy loader arm, Tractor beam, Shield generator.

And so on…

How about attachments that seem “permanent” If I want Enhanced Carbon Durasteel armor or Nightshadow Coating. They seem hard to “remove” from a magnetic rail.

I’d love your thoughts (and ideas of different configurations).

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I think if an attachment lends to be easily customizable for the magnetic rail. It would be ok with a harder mech roll. Since it’s not factory custom attachment.

That sounds like the intended use and gives the Mechanic something to do to prepare for the missions

I’d restrict it to the specific attachments made for the ship. I might occasionally allow certain attachments to work like that, most likely weapon loadouts, but most are of a much more permanent nature.

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Sure, I’ll take a crack at some loadouts:

First you’ll need some additional resources:

  • A Concussion Missile Launcher (chin hardpoint) (1 HP) 7,500 credits, rarity 5.
  • A Twin Blaster Cannon (light or heavy, chin hardpoint) (1 HP) 6,000/7,500, rarity 2/3.
  • Light Ion Cannon (1) 5,000, rarity 5.
  • 2 Blaster or Laser Cannons (wingtip-mounted, can be fire-linked) (1 HP each). Light Blaster: 4,000/2; Heavy Blaster: 5,000/3; Light Laser: 5,500/4; Medium Laser: 7,000/4 (priced individually). You only need one pair of these.

Loadout suggestions:
Scout: Hyperdrive (4), Sublight Boost Thrusters (2), Cargo Pod (2).
Armed Scout: Hyperdrive (4), Sublight Boost Thrusters (2), two fire-linked Blaster/Laser Cannons (2)
Starfighter: Shield Generator Module (3), Fine-Tuned Microthrusters (2), Hardpoint-Mounted Concussion Missile Launcher (1), two fire-linked Blaster/Laser Cannons (2) OR Blaster/Laser Cannon (1) AND Light Ion Cannon (1).
Patrol and Interdiction: Shield Generator Module (3), Sublight Boost Thrusters (2), Fine-Tuned Microthrusters (2), Hardpoint-Mounted Twin Blaster Cannon (1).
Transport: Hyperdrive Module (4), Cargo Pod (2), Sublight Boost Thrusters (2)
Troop Transport/Away Team Shuttle: Shield Generator Module (3), Hardpoint-Mounted Twin Blaster Cannon (or Concussion Missile Launcher) (1), Cargo Pod (passenger modification option[s] installed) (2), two fire-linked Blaster/Laser Cannons (2).
Armed Transport: Hyperdrive Module (4), Cargo Pod (2), two fire-linked Blaster/Laser Cannons (2).