Large scale performance/concert

Hey there, everyone. Been a while.

I’m about to start a new campaign, and given the premise, I’m trying to figure out some premise-specific rules/guidelines.

Basic premise is that the PCs will be a band (equivalent to local/regional bands) trying to make it big and/or their support crew. But, their travels from gig to gig also serve to cover their actions as a small Rebel cell. The band part is meant to be just as important as the Rebel part, as they’ll be presented with opportunities along the way to become rich and famous, and have to choose between their musical dreams and helping to free the galaxy.

Sessions 0 and 1 are coming up, and here’s what I know I’ve got:
1 Hutt singer
1 (undetermined) pyrotechnician (demolitionist)
1 Amanaman bodyguard
Another 2-3 undetermined PCs/roles

What I’m hoping to do is put together some rules for their performances. I’m thinking skill challenges (X net successes before Y failed rolls) so everyone in the band has a hand in the show(s) going off well.

So far, roughly, I’m thinking base difficulty determined by crowd size, with boosts/setbacks based on how receptive the audience is likely to be.

But, I’d also love getting some other ideas to mix in there, so it’s not always just the same ol’ combination for each gig, and a fresh set of minds is always the best way to do that.


Mass combat rules, maybe? I have never used those rules, but seems tailored for affecting large numbers of targets.


Only used ‘em once or twice, myself, and never as GM. I’ll have to take a look at them again when I get home to see if they’d be suitable.

Interesting idea. Thanks!

Genesys includes a chart with Social check difficulties based upon the target group size.

2-5 people: Average
6-15: Hard
16-50: Daunting
51+: Formidable

But, these are for actually influencing the target group as a whole to do something, not just have them like a performance. If not, every concert performance would be Formidable with over 50 people. You could easily drop it down two difficulties for, “Get a good reaction in a live performance”. That would make it Simple for 2-5…or Hard for 51+. Then I would have a few “rounds” of performances, with the winner having the most set Successes.


I’m an idiot, not even thinking to check my Genesys books. /facepalm

Those larger crowds might also be offset by the crowds being more receptive…the larger the crowd, the greater the odds they’re there specifically to see the band, so boosts.

Might also be worth playing with the numbers signifying the crowd size a bit.



Thinking that the lead singer will also have options for Charm or Deception…as the Blues Traveler lyrics go:

“It doesn’t matter what I say
So long as I sing with inflection
That makes you feel I’ll convey
Some inner truth or vast reflection
But I’ve said nothing so far
And I can keep it up for as long as it takes
And it don’t matter who you are
If I’m doing my job, it’s your resolve that breaks”


So…what I cam up with after checking those Genesys rules:
Live Performance Rules.pdf (961.6 KB)

I see three main ways of handling this sort of performance:

  1. Abstract, a single roll to determine the result.
  2. Skill challenge, everyone makes a check and you total up the results.
  3. One-sided Social encounter.

I think the last one might be most what you are looking for, so I’ll discuss the first two (which are the simplest) first:
For abstract, it’s just a group Charm check (highest skill, highest characteristic, Boost if the same person has both) with a Difficulty set by what the group is trying to achieve, or Simple with Boost/Setback for receptivity if degree of success (such as a street performer hoping for money) is all that is required.

For a skill challenge, you have each character make a particular check based on what they are trying to do as part of the performance and pool the net Success and Advantage for your final result.

For a one-sided Social encounter, the crowd counts, for all intents and purposes, as a single entity. They are there to be entertained, and so are not opposing the attempted checks; instead, the Difficulty is set by what the PCs are attempting to accomplish and how receptive the crowd is (the crowd may occasionally attempt something like a Coerce check, with a pool set by proportion and vociferousness).

The band members can attempt various checks to positively affect the crowd, swaying them to the band’s side. Perception to deduce the crowd’s mood and interests, Vigilance to detect threats or mood shifts, Charm to perform a song, Coordination to dance, Athletics to play music (e.g., drummer), Mechanics for the pyrotechnics, lights, etc., Deception to tell a story (truthful or not), Discipline or Cool to keep steady in the face of a rowdy/hostile crowd, etc.

Maybe there’s a certain amount of time/number of checks they have to make as part of the performance (e.g., “three rounds”), but it could just as easily be fluid. The idea would be to have the crowd react dynamically to what the PCs do, and to give the PCs a range of options to handle said reactions. Certain crowds may have proclivities toward certain styles or music choices. For example, one alien culture may have a particular appreciation for ballads and stories, while seeing any love songs as inappropriate, while Zeltrons might have little interest in ballads and stories, but a great enthusiasm for sensual love songs. Knowledge skills during the performance or ahead of time can help the group plan for a more successful effort.

Your Advantage/Triumph/Threat/Despair chart could be translated to this pretty easily, with maybe a couple additions or adjustments like an option for observing mood/gaining information or narrative results like gaining a fan/fanbase, making a name locally, etc.

This is a cool premise and was a lot of fun to think about, thank you. I hope this is helpful.



I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. The idea has its genesis in my wife watching “Tatooine Rhaposdy” and saying, “I want to play a Hutt rock star.” The fuller concept fell into place while reading Bono’s memoir; his talk of traveling the world for humanitarian causes supported with his high profile made the Rebellion connection click into place to finally make a playable concept for more than a one-shot.

Campaign title: Rebel Yell

I was going back and forth about something like this on the chart. I might go back and add it in, as it may help with a story element that I plan to introduce later on.

I may also introduce some sort of “popularity” tracker that helps visualize how famous/popular the band is getting, which could upgrade some checks on the Rebel side of things as a brighter spotlight on them risks greater exposure to Imperial scrutiny.

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That’s fantastic!

I have a Notoriety system built for bounty hunters, but it can be expanded into other contexts and I think you might find it useful: Notoriety and Exploits - Google Docs

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Thanks. It just seemed a natural.

While she’s under no obligation to even mention it, and the group won’t be required to select it, I’ve suggested to my wife that a band name that could give me lots to play with as the campaign goes on is Many Bothans.

Did the band get the info about the Emperor on the DS2 at the expense of their cover and break up, so Many Bothans “died?” Did they get that info and suffer a TPK? Just coincidence?

Thanks for this, too! It definitely looks like something that can be tweaked to represent the path to musical fame and fortune.


Whattaya know? They went for the “Many Bothans” band name.

And decided that their first single will be titled, “Echo Bass.”


Well if you’re pre-Return of the Jedi, you now have a justification for a total party kill near the end of the campaign. :laughing:

Without changing canon, the band on its tours becomes a Rebel intelligence gathering cell while becoming Galaxy-wide famous. Their fame allows them to travel unsuspiciously and entrance to many places others can’t go. When they stumble upon the Death Star 2 information and are all killed while delivering it to the Rebellion, Mon Mothma’s phrase turns into something different. Who knew she was such a fan?

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Exactly. And that’s how it was pitched to them, that it gives me toys to play with as the GM. The band’s cover is blown, forcing them to split up, so Mon was being dramatic that Many Bothans “died.” Or, they did all die. Or it’s just a coincidence. Or any other damn fool idea I come up with. :rofl: