Looking for a DC-17m

A player wants to have a DC-17m Blaster carbine for his character, just wondering if anyone has one floating around they made, or if I’m missing where the FFG made one is.
Grenade and sniper configuration would be preferred.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You’re out of luck on the RAW front, but here are some stats taken from Kualan’s Heroes on Both Sides fan supplement:
DC-17m Assault Rifle (Ranged [Heavy]; 9; 3; Long; Auto-fire, Pierce 1, Stun setting).
DC-17m Sniper Rifle (Ranged [Heavy]; 10; 3; Extreme; Accurate 1, Pierce 2, Slow-Firing 1; Add SS at Short/Engaged range).
DC-17m Anti-Armor (Gunnery; 10; 2; Short; Breach 1, Blast 3, Limited Ammo 4, Prepare 1).


P-47 to the rescue again :smiley:

Need to post on mySWRPG, but here’s what I came up when tasked by our Clone Wars GM with putting together stats for it for a Delta Squad one-shot side-session: