Looking for a Play-by-Post Group

Hey all, I’m looking for a GM and some players for a Play-by-Post game.

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Is there any particular theme in your mind? Or just browsing for open group?

Are there any rules against recommending other sites for PbP here? I haven’t seen anything which says it explicitly but want to be sure.

Nope! Open discussion.

We do have a #play-by-post category with at least one game started here if you want to take a look at that. They are also pretty regularly advertised on the discord (and then played through discord)

I usually play on RPGCrossing.com. There are plenty of players there who like FFG’s system so when a game ad is posted there is always interest, it’s just a matter of being patient and checking back to see when one will get posted.

I happen to know a game ad will be dropping there in mid-February for a mid-March start (because I’ll be running it).

I’m currently organizing a one-shot PbP anthology on Discord. We’re in the middle of a session, but if you’re interested I’ll keep your name in the hat for the next game.

I’m also involved in a heavily houseruled (more just overhauled, really) PbP on Discord that’s currently recruiting. The link is in this category under “Star Wars Discord RP.”

And thirdly, there’s a Clone Wars Alternate Universe game on Discord that I’m GMing. It’s at ~1,200 EXP right now, we could see about you joining that if you’re interested.

Preferably during the Empire, but I really don’t care.

unfortunately, I don’t have discord, but thanks for the offer.

Seeing that you mention that you do not have discord, its rather easy to get a discord handle. Discord is both in browser, or as a download. @P-47Thunderbolt also mentioned that we are working together on a Discord play by post, which occurs during the Empire {7BBY to be exact}

Though if enough interest does occur I might consider running a game here


If you guys wanna run it on here, I’d be down

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