Looking for Players - EotE Online/Live Campaign

Greetings, all! I and my friend are looking to try and recruit some players for a live online Star Wars game, seeing as our other group members have moved away recently. Listed below is the basic information regarding the initial campaign proposal that I am putting out to try and acquire prospective new players. Please respond with questions or to communicate a potential interest in my game.

System: FFG Star Wars (Edge of the Empire)

Software: Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU free ruleset HERE and its dependency HERE) preferred, but it will require players to pay $40 for the basic software in order to play. RPG Sessions is a free-to-play alternative option if players feel more comfortable with using that instead.

Time Zone: USA Mountain Time
Day of Week & Time: Saturdays starting at 6:30 PM
Planned Start Date: March 25, 2023 (Can be adjusted if new players are still needed)
Planned Duration & Frequency: 4 Hour sessions weekly
Term: Long-term campaign

Language: English
Text or Voice: Voice ONLY (Headset recommended)

Camera: Not necessary, but it is nice!
Voice Software: Discord, players will get a DM/PM with a link to my personal server
Recording/Streaming: None

Roleplaying Level: High
Combat Level: Medium to High
Puzzle Level: Low
Mature Content (18+): Yes (This can be toned down if necessary for personal preference or younger players. It’s really only there because of potential for crude humor and some potential risqué situations - nothing explicit, though.)
Number of Players In-Game/Needed: Have 1 player, need 2-3 more
Starting Level & Equipment: New-gen characters with 0 XP and basic starting gear
Character Restrictions: All official races and classes, Homebrew races/classes available with GM approval. Would prefer to avoid force-sensetive characters (at least to begin).


“The world of Brexit, located in the eastern Expansion Region, is a world that has been mined, ravaged, and exploited for millennia by the galaxy’s major corporations. Nowadays, the world is a barely more than a barren waste, covered in towering factories, mines, and refineries, and the sky is so polluted by chemicals and smog that merely seeing the stars in the night sky is a nigh impossible dream for those living on its surface.
You and your band of misfit friends have spent the entirety of your young lives here on Brexit, knowing that if you don’t find a way to change things, you will continue to spend the entirety of your lives toiling away as a little more than a corporate slave in the dirty, dangerous factories constantly belching smoke and fumes around you. It’s time for you to take a chance, seize your destiny, and climb the ladder of opportunity that leads to the stars!”

In this campaign, players and their characters will take on the role of a group of friends living on a desolate, heavily exploited industrial world in the Star Wars galaxy, beginning a little over a year before the events of Episode 4: A New Hope . Not wanting to live their entire lives as corporate wage slaves in the stinking, choking fumes of the massive factories surrounding them, your characters will, for a variety of personal reasons, work towards finding a way to get off-world so they can make themselves a greater life in the stars beyond. The primary aim of the campaign is to set players up with a backstory and an origin point from which they can grow and expand upon, while offering them a relatively free-roaming experience in a sandbox setting where their choices will impact the way they interact with the world around them, and vice versa.

I would like to recruit players who will enjoy an experience where roleplaying and storytelling are the main focus of gameplay. Tolerance for some amount of swearing is advised, and a good sense of fun and humor is encouraged - this game is mostly about having a fun time telling a communal story with each other.

Additional Notes:

  • First session will be used to create characters as a group, followed by the first session of gameplay.

Please note, this campaign has been filled for the time being.