Lord of the Holocrons

This past weekend was Gamernation Con, a small (150 person) 4-day gaming convention, run by the hosts of the Order 66 Podcast. As always, my wife & I had a blast.

This year, we got quite a few of our gaming group to go with us, including the other two GMs in the group. With this year’s con theme being Lord of the Rings, I had a crazy idea to put together a 3-part relay game mashing up Star Wars with LotR. After a lot of hard work and coordination, it worked great! The players all seemed to have a blast, and we even had people hanging out before each session checking to see if we had any cancellations so they could get in on it.

With next year’s theme (X-Files) announced at the closing ceremonies, we’re planning on a similar 3-part Delta Green game.

In the meantime, we’re trying to decide if we want to try writing up Lord of the Holocrons to post on mySWRPG.

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That sounds fun, I’m interested! :slight_smile: