Luke's gear for swinging over the shaft with Leia

My search-fu is not strong today. Can anyone help me find the game-equivalent for the gear used by Luke Skywalker to swing himself and Leia over the DS-1’s “bottomless shaft” in ANH?

IIRC, it was attached to his belt, and included something which functioned like a grappling hook. I seem to remember reading about a “liquid rope dispenser” somewhere, but haven’t been able to find it again.

Might be this.

I would (and have) just count(ed) it as Climbing Gear.

Thank you both for the answers. :)

Climbing Gear is too unwieldy (too many parts according to the description).

Concealed Climbing Cord (CaM), on the other hand, fits the description (a lightweight, 0-hard point gear attachment for something like a utility belt).

I mean it could’ve just been narrative and Luke just used the Utility Belt action to pull out a grappling hook.
(Don’t quote me on how Utility Belt works, I haven’t read up on it)

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