Making Maps

Hey all, I’ve found myself in a predicament.
I am currently working on a clone-wars era 1 shot, where I’m having the players infiltrate a Separatist base. The thing is, I feel like a map would greatly benefit this campaign. So I’ve looked and looked and I can’t seem to find any Star Wars map-making tools. Are there any out there that you guys have either found or currently use?
Thanks in advance,

There’s DungeonFog, but it isn’t Star Wars. However, it allows you to upload your own props, so it shouldn’t be hard to get clipart if you just need the symbols.

I do not believe there are any dedicated Star Wars map makers due to licensing issues. One thing you may want to check out is Table Top Simulator. You could use Star Wars asset packs to make a map, then either take screenshots and doctor them up, use TTS at your table for a 3D, interactive map, or just use it as inspiration for drawing your own.

My approach is to draw simple maps in, but that’s entirely freeform and definitely not drag and drop until you’ve made your own props.

Edit: Aw, haran. That wasn’t supposed to automatically become a link. Well, now I’ve added the link to the actual site. I’m just relieved it didn’t link to a virus or something.


P-47 has some good suggestions.

Your other option could also be: hand drawn! Sometimes I’ll break out the pens and pencils and rulers and get some large paper and go to town making exactly what I want. Then you can simply take a picture, upload it onto your computer, and Bam. Good to go.

One thing I’ve learned with my own map making over the last almost two years - don’t go overboard! I used to spend so much time making maps (Hours!) and then realise players don’t usually notice all the fancy colors or little details because they are so engrossed in the story or the battle that is about to happen. So I’ve learned to keep it simple and spend that extra time in actual prepwork.

Not sure if that’s useful, probably not. :grin:


Also a quick solution, the Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is a raid of an Imperial listening station. You could use that map for your separatist base too.

Second @Cloudy 's notion of paper/pencil. Last session we had a 15min misunderstanding that would have been resolved if we had had a simple map. Next encounter, I quickly drew one (that was really sloppy) but it did the job and nobody complained.

Only tip I’d offer is, if you are using tokens like come in the beginner games, make sure your scale is not so small that you have to stack/overlap the tokens to fit in a room. (I reserve stacking for Engaged.) Of course that’s not an issue if you are taking a photo and can scale it.


Are you playing in person or digital? That greatly affects what can be done.

If digital, there are tons of scifi/StarWarzy maps out there with a Google search (I just googled “Star Wars base map” for your predicament and found several). Crop and size to your liking, insert in whatever digital tabletop or networking software you are using. If you would like to take the time of making digital maps yourself, my current favorite is Dungeondraft. It has SciFi/StarWars packs for free, but I think the program itself costs around $20.

If you are playing in person, take advantage of the fact that you don’t need a graph for Star Wars Edge. You can get a 3’ x 2’ white board for around $30. Glue some rubber or felt on the back and lay it on your table. Then, use dry erase markers for quickly drawing a map and/or notes. Players can use minis or whatever you want on the whiteboard. If you are worried about things getting moved around, make sure the whiteboard is magnetic then get a thin magnet sheet and glue small squares to the bottom of whatever you are using for minis. If you think the map you are drawing is something the players will revisit (or you want to prep several maps before hand) I use a large pad of butcher block paper. I draw on them with pens, pencils, or markers. I use 4 magnets on the corners and place it on my whiteboard. Then, when I’m done, I can roll it up with a rubber band and save it for the next time.


Thanks for all your help guys. I’m just gonna end up drawing a map like @Cloudy, @Sturn, and @Filbert66 were suggesting.