Mandalorian Names

A fun topic today, a compilation of name ideas for Mandalorians that I’ve assembled over the last while. These are either Mando-sounding names I have used in writing or for RPG characters (or observed in official sources, though I avoid some of the more distinctive examples), or else names I have composed from Mando’a words. Somewhat oddball topic, but I thought some of you might find the list interesting or useful, and I’m sure some of you will have excellent ideas to add to or improve this list (but please stick to original examples; I know there are a lot of Mando names not on this list).

This list does not include many “Mandalorian names” that were really Mando’a words used as nicknames for clones, because of the nature of clone trooper nicknames when contrasted with what could be considered “ordinary” naming conventions.

Female name ideas:

  • Ashla [ASH-la] (literally “other-like," a name for an adopted child)
  • Atii [AH-tee] (feminine “tenacious”)
  • Cina [SEE-na] (white, pure)
  • Dina [DEE-na] (“Din” often relates to some kind of giving or loss, such as commands, gifts, or bloodlines, among others. Exact meaning of the name is unknown)
  • Vhonte [FON-tay] (A “vh” sound takes the place of “f” in Mando’a, “Vhett” vs. “Fett”)
  • Gra’tia [gra-TEE-ah] (feminine “vengeance”)
  • Jynna [JEEN-ah]
  • Laara [LAR-a] (from “song”)
  • Maana [MAHN-ah] (sometimes spelled “Mona.” Firstborn)
  • Maji [MAH-jee] (“extra” as in an unexpected pregnancy)
  • Mar’e [MAH-ray] (rare—sometimes a firstborn girl after multiple sons)
  • Mav [mahv] (free)
  • Meshura [meh-SHOO-rah] (gemstone. Hard and beautiful)
  • Mira [MEER-ah] (intelligent)
  • Mirja [MEER-jah] (emotional well-being. Especially common for daughters born after a bereavement)
  • Nari [NAH-ree] (active, acting)
  • Parja [PAR-jah] (feminine “victory”)
  • Rav [rahv]
  • Reda [RED-ah] (dance)
  • Ruusaan [roo-SAHN] (reliable)
  • Sarad [SAH-rad] (flower)
  • Senaara [sen-AH-rah] (bird)
  • Sera [SAIR-ah] (accurate)
  • Talysa [TAHL-ee-sah] (as blood)
  • Tera [ter-ah]
  • Valsi [VAHL-see]
  • Vanda [VAHN-da]

Male name ideas:

  • Aran [AH-ran] (defend)
  • Atin [ah-TEEN] (tenacious)
  • Cabur [KAH-boor] (guardian)
  • Ceran [SAIR-ahn] (mountain)
  • Coyate [koh-YAH-tay] (holds value)
  • Denaar [den-ARR]
  • Drace [DRA-shay, but commonly pronounced as written]
  • Garo [GAH-ro]
  • Gavid [GAH-veed]
  • Gra’tua [gra-TOO-ah] (vengeance)
  • Ijaat [ee-JAHT] (honor)
  • Iviin [ee-VEEN] (fast)
  • Jaon [JAY-ohn, but commonly pronounced “jon”] (important [lit. “over,” root of “important.”)
  • Kad [kahd] (sword)
  • Kal [kahl] (blade)
  • Kando [KAHN-do] (importance, weight)
  • Kotak [KO-tahk]
  • Korar [kor-AHR] (imperative, “thunder”)
  • Kudan [ku-DAHN]
  • Maan [mahn] (sometimes spelled “Mon.” Firstborn)
  • Majyc [MAH-jeesh] (lit. “extra,” as in an unexpected pregnancy)
  • Mar [mar] (rare—sometimes a firstborn son after multiple daughters)
  • Narser [NAR-sair] (purpose)
  • Nau’ur [now-OOR] (light up, illuminate. A hopeful name)
  • Parjai [par-JAI] (victory)
  • Ranov [rah-NOHV] (secret)
  • Ruus [roos] (rock)
  • Ruusaar [ROO-sahr] (foundation. A name for firstborns, especially to the founders of new clans)
  • Teuro [TAE-ero]
  • Tor [tohr] (justice)
  • Vikar [VEE-kahr]

Like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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