Mandalorians in Exile PbP Recruitment

I’m starting up a new play-by-post game on Discord based around the concept of Mandalorians post-Empire searching the galaxy for more of their kind.
We already have two players and are looking for one or two more.

The PCs are all Mandalorians (or aspiring Mandalorians, or friends of Mandos) post-Empire trying to find other Mandalorians, whether to reunite the diaspora, find lost family members, or find a sense of belonging.
(At this point, I’m not sure how adherent to Canon this will be. That’s up to table discussion.)

The campaign will be something of a blend between an episodic campaign where the GM gives the players their next mission and a sandbox campaign where the players can go in any direction, but the focus is strongly on cooperative storytelling where both the GM and players have significant input to the total arc.

While there will be some combat, it is not the main focus. There will be a heavy emphasis on inter-PC and PC-NPC RP, making this a very character-driven narrative.

Character Creation:
No character pitch is necessary—CharGen will be cooperative between the player, the GM, and the other players to create a character that meshes well with the rest of the party.

When you do create a character, though, the parameters will be as follows:
+150 EXP
+9,000 credits
-2,500 credits in exchange for Mandalorian armor (CotR) (optional)
1 free, narratively-relevant universal spec, pending GM approval
Established backstory
Planned character arc
Character story goals/objectives
Player story goals/objectives for character
Established relationships with both other PCs

Only up-front barrier is Force-sensitivity. I’m not banning the concept outright, but it would have to be justified by a very compelling narrative to convince me.

Thanks for considering our game. Please let me know if you’re interested in joining or have any questions.

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I’m interested! Are you thinking like din jarin type mandalorians? Or thinking more like kal skirata type mandalorian?

More in the Kal Skirata/True Mandalorian vein, but if you want to play someone more of the Children of the Watch type, or there’s a similar (but different) sect I created, or even an entirely new sect, that would be fine too. We’d have to work it out.

Great name, by the way. :)

Thank you! I would be more interested in the true mandalorian vein myself.

That works great! I’ll send you an invite to the Discord server via PM.

I’d be interested, though I’d be wondering if you’d allow a character who was a non-human foundling.

Certainly. Non-humans are definitely acceptable.

I would definitely be interested. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve played, but PbP is right up my alley. Is there an application process?

Not really, I’ll just send you a link to the server!

Bit late to the party. Is there still a spot avaliable?

I’m sorry, there isn’t. We have six players and that’s my max. If you’d like, I can put you on a wait list in case someone drops out?