Master Resource Spreadsheet

Team, I looked in the resources post and couldn’t find it. Does anyone have the link where we can find the latest ““The “L” Miouaster List””? The last version I had was v8.1. It’s an awesome spreadsheet resource? Thanks in advance!

are we able to share it here? I have 9.5, but since it had direct info from the books it is not really liked to be shared. At least in the facebook groups that I’m in.
If it is ok I will share it tomorrow, I will try to share it with the site since it is a great resource.

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Yes, go ahead. Sharing direct scans of the books or illegal PDFs is frowned upon, but information collated into a spreadsheet is permissible.

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Cool, I will put it up tomorrow. I will also try and share it with the site to out up as a resource.


This is great! Thanks for getting it out there. I have used the heck out of older versions for live games, personal reference and inspiration.

Recently, I consolidated several years of pdf and url resources. I’ll look through it and see if there is an absence of other useful stuff. Cheers!

The file is too large for the Upload option. I can’upload in XMLS, when I change to XML the file is too large. Is there way to email this to the site versus as an attachment?

Rather than uploading, can you link it?

@Damnkid3 enlisted my help to post the link here, so hopefully this will work: The “L” Master List v9.0

When this popped to the Game Resources channel on Discord, I traced the convo to the end, where someone posted a Google Sheets version, named 9.5.1.

But one problem I notice is that they didn’t convert the SW font dice symbols to names. Anyone know how to get Google Sheets to read a font setting? Boosts look like Setbacks right now. (Same thing happens if you load the .XLSM into Google.)

Example on Utility Arm

That might be a text color issue rather than a “font” setting.

Very likely, it is simply lost in the translation of converting a file to Google Sheets because having separate text colors in the same text box is probably not something it can read.

But I’m no expert, that’s just some conjecture based on past experiences.

Nah. I tried search and replace, and the black box is the same regardless.
Started editing a tab to replace symbols with text. Diff colors for Despair and Threat is working fine. Will take a long time is all.