Memorable moments, famous last words, scenes you want to share with others

So I’ve been wanting to post some of the funny / ironic scenes from our current campaign play and I figured, we probably can all share similar embarassing or hilarious stories from our sessions, so feel free to contribute to the thread :slight_smile:

The one inspired the post, one of my PCs a trader/archeologist is lately became a bit of a klutz. Failing athletics and coordination checks left and right, getting into hilarious situations. Last session they wanted to climb up to a 2nd story window and the spy (with brawn 4) failed the check, so she said, what the hell, I try it. She rolled a success with a bunch of threats, so I ruled she climbed up, but failed to grab the catwalk inside the building and fall to the warehouse floor - take a crit. She is like ,Great, I guess I broke my arms and legs too, right?!" - I roll 99 (Crippled) on the crit. - “So, about that…”
They were like laughing their asses of for like 2 minutes like this can’t be happening :smiley:


For me a success in an athletic check would never result in a crippling crit. No matter how many threats. It was a success and shouldn´t be punished that harsh.

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The purpose of the roll was whether or not they are able to scale the wall and climb into the building. Falling (into the building) seemed and appropriate narrative consequence. It was just dumb misfortune that I rolled 99, though it worked well, as the spy healed it (with enormous luck) with a medpack so I told it seemed broken, but her shoulder only popped out of it’s socket.

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A crit is actually a suggested result of certain checks like Athletics or Coordination, generally associated with Despair. However, given enough Threat, it’s a feasible option there as well.

Yeah, that´s right, to me the situation is just wrong when the successful result on an check is the same or even worse than a “normal” failure.
But I guess these are just different approaches.

However, I am sorry that I pull this fun threat into a rules discussion so please accept my apology.


See, this is why the narrative system is so useful for checks like this, as it allows for such a large variety of interpretations. However, I do agree with @Rimsen in the ruling, since the objective (getting inside the building via a 2nd story window) was achieved, reflected in the success, but the threat had a complication as a direct result of that success, and 4 threat is pretty steep in most rolls.

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Not Star Wars but back in the days of school gaming group MERP. Sorry for the length of this.

One of my mates had a Rohirrim, absolutely amazeballs on horse back of course. He was best mates with the GM. The GM shilled every game so the Rohirrim rocked of course (I no longer played it after the first campaign wound up)… every encounter was orcs and Wargs… I got bored by session three… anyways

We’re crossing a rope bridge over a very deep ravine… Orcs, again, are attacking from the other side we need to get to (with an injured Strider bloke, apparently he was VERY important). My mate fumbles his ride/roll attack…gets catapulted off his horse as his lance sticks in the wooden bridge slats… there’s no fate points remember… the Rohirrim player argues that he should fly in a straight line landing on the bridge (even though clearly, using minis and a battle map, that the orc ON FOOT not on a warg, is not right in front of the horse but an angle of at least fifteen degrees) The GM agrees of course that the Rohirrim would land on the bridge… we’re all p***ed off by now over the favouritism as we’d clocked it two games previous…

We argue for ANOTHER ride roll to adjust his trajectory as he leaves the saddle… FUMBLE AGAIN…300+ ft drop down the ravine… the rest of is p*** ourselves laughing… and the GM cuts ANOTHER orc/warg warband as Strider needs to live. We wander back to Rohan with an unconscious Strider. We deliver Strider… the Plot Giver asks where the Rohirrim is… we replied ‘He fell’… where’s his horse? we reply with… the Orcs overran us… they probably ate it…

The Rohirrim player literally was sulking the rest of the evening

Moral of the story: No favouritism at the table… EVER!

My Bothan player tried to play dead in front of an Imperial Stormtrooper Captain. Needless to say he failed the Deception check. :smile:

I’m interested in the follow up too :smiley:

Becoming actually dead. :P

They had been running from an Inquisitor that had tracked them to Nal Hutta. The exchange with him went poorly and left them all worse for wear, especially the Bothan who had been knocked unconscious 3 times this day alone. The first from a Gang Leader, the second from the Inquisitor, and the third from being hurled out of a landspeeder headlong into a wall.

They reached the starport, after slapping him back to consciousness but the Hangar bay where their ship was docked was being searched by a squad of Stormtroopers. The Bothan failed the Deception check to play dead, and then was swiftly blasted into unconsciousness for the fourth time. The rest of the party cleared the stormtroopers and dragged his limp body on board.

It was the worst day of his life. And we all loved it :rofl:


We were working on a new PC, a Twi’lek Mystic: Advisor. Her story was that she’s basically a politically active celebrity sort of character, acting as an envoy for the Rebel Alliance.
She needed a protocol droid side-kick, so we decided to roll twice each on the positive and negative traits charts from Special Modifications.

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:

It’s the most hilarious combination we could have come up with, and we’re looking forward to its inclusion. So this is technically OOC, but we were imagining this happening:

"TC, please entertain my guests. I’ll be back soon."
*returns ten minutes later*
TC-117 has the mayor in a headlock and the countess is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Seeing the horrified looks on the other guests’ faces, TC yells "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?"
The droid calmly turns to his master and drops the mayor. "Mistress Ayyn! They were not interested in a game of pinochle, so I had to improvise. We’re having quite a good time."

Oh, man. There were so many.

Like the time my Wookiee Marauder leapt into combat with a really big, bad dude and was tearing him up with vibroaxes. But his Klatooinian Heavy best friend decided that he needed to also fire into that combat against the guy, and I told him “Go for it, even if you roll a Despair, I can take it.” The player of the Klatooinian proceeded to roll enough Success and massive amounts of damage, but no Advantage – plus a Despair. So, my Wookiee had to tank it all. It damn near killed him, and it was the most damage he ever took in combat – before or since.

Or the time that my Besalisk Heavy/Sharpshooter/Ace Gunner was using a heavily customized crafted Heavy Blaster Rifle against Swamp Dragons (slightly smaller than Krayt Dragons, but not by much), and I kept rolling massive amounts of damage and Advantage, so I kept one-shotting them with auto-fire. They never hit my character once in that combat. Just about everyone else almost completely died, but it was their stupid idea to go dragon hunting in the first place, and they weren’t bright enough to turn around and get out of there as soon as they saw a family group of four or five of the things in the swamp.

Or the time my Pantoran Jedi Padawan was deep in the middle of a pitched battle with his Clone Wars era comrades all around him, and we were surrounded by Dwarf Spider Droids, Crab Droids, Octupurras, and every other kind of heavy droid the GM could throw at us, plus multiple phalanxes of B1 and B2 battle droids.
I think we were all supposed to die in that battle, but at the last moment I managed to roll maximum white force pips on three force dice, and so had enough to not only grab and toss the DSDs to Extreme Range and let falling damage take care of them, I could also grab the Crab Droids, the Octupurras, and all the other heavy droids and tossed them all up to Extreme range. That left only the Phalanxes that the other characters had to contend with, and the battle suddenly became rather anti-climatic at that point. Of course, there was another battle with another group of characters that happened right after that one, and nothing that had been done in the previous battle really had any impact on that next one.

In the final battle of that same campaign, that same Padawan was in hand-to-hand combat with one of the strongest Darth Maul clone-alikes that I’ve ever seen, and it was a whole group of five masters, knights, and padawans that were all going up against this one big super bad guy – right smack dab in the middle of a huge dark side Vergence in the Force. For some reason, the bad guy decided that my character was the biggest threat, so when he was using Misdirect against the group, mine was the only character that couldn’t be covered by the illusions – he had a twisted sense of justice that made him need to fight “honorably” against his greatest opponent. And no, none of us had Seek, because the GMs had convinced us earlier that we couldn’t use the power in a way that we had wanted to at the time, so everyone thought the power was useless and no one ever invested any XP in it. Even if we had, we wouldn’t have been able to use that power to help anyone else, and we couldn’t have done any other combat in that round if we had used the Seek power to see through the illusions.
Anyway, the illusions were carefully crafted to completely take everyone out of combat that was affected – they thought they were hitting and hurting him, but they weren’t. It took me a while, but I figured out that I was somehow the only one in the group who could actually see and hurt him, but he kept us from being able to communicate with each other, and so the only thing I could end up doing that was effective was to use Draw Closer to pull him in and slash him for lightsaber damage, then use as much Force points as I could to increase that damage as much as I could (dark side or otherwise), and just keep trading lightsaber blows with him. Only he was using a double-bladed lightsaber, and he was much better with the lightsaber than my character was. I just kept getting really lucky rolls, including crits like Overpowered, which chained into another hit and another crit, and… He damn near killed us all, but we did finally end up defeating him. And my former Lightside Paragon dropped over 50 points of morality in just that one combat – not below 31, but close.

Minor Beyond the Rim spoilers

I had a Devaronian Marauder player who was a bit of reckless, chasing twi’lek “escorts”, peeing on fallen enemies, generally irresponsible, but hilarious guy! So this happens when the Trandoshans launch an attack on Reom’s secret base and most of them are rivals, which is really tough for a new player group with barely 100-150 XP from Chol’ganna and the Wheel. Now, the group is barely back from scavanging, wounded by the imperial scout droid, after barely surviving the chase with the TIEs and here they come, the Trandos. So details are fuzzy, maybe the Scoundrel wanted to drop a Thermal Detonator on the enemy, but the Devarionian had first initiative, jumped down from the shuttle, in the middle of the group, went for them telling the Smuggler to throw the 'nade, he can take it. Miraculously he survived the detonation with like 1-2 wounds left :smiley:

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My group always pokes fun at one of the members as when asked what he would like to do with a triumph that he rolled on a perception check he answered with: “I would like to know what I’m looking at.” So we have started a tally for his incredible luck with rolling triumphs titled: “Times PlayerNameHere knows what he’s looking at:”

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