Mistborn Genesys Setting

I have started to create a Mistborn setting for Genesys. The setting can be found here. The setting is unfortunately incomplete, but as I find time to work on it I will update it.


I know nothing about Mistborn, but can help in other ways if needed since I’m working on a setting myself that is in ever-creation mode.

You are using GM Binder to create it? Are you actually starting with the GM Binder editor, or are you using another editor first then copying and pasting into it? I picked up Affinity Publisher recently and am thinking of moving to it for final output. But, I create basic notes, text, rough drafts, in Libreoffice and/or Word.

I had considered GM Binder, but it made me think too much of the old html days which I once was capable of, but no longer wished to use.

I hope to eventually move it over to a better layout, but even just making the information is a huge effort.
GMBinder is useful for taking a bunch of information and making it look a bit better than a boring Word doc. But the pdfs aren’t high-quality. I don’t suggest using it if you want to make something actually professional. If you have Affinity Publisher, I suggest using it.

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From personal experience, the Genesys tools for GMBinder are also severely out of date, and the instruction and template guide that’s there (unless it’s been updated recently) has broken formatting. It’s also (again, unless it has changed recently) optimized for Chrome, whereas I prefer Firefox.

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