Modifying NPC Droid / Astromechs

Hello =)

So my group has been wanting to modify their R7 for a time now and I wanted to maybe see if there are rules for that.
I thought maybe armor mods might be fitting, but there is no mention of how many hardpoints a droid might have.
(I have seen the Memory Cores and Motivators Supplement but it’s more for player droids I guess).

Has anyone dealt with something like this before or has any insights?

Cybernetics are a great way to modify npc droids if you have the credits for it. As far as armor mods: buy it armor with HP.

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You can treat droids as normal NPCs too. Wielded equipments can be told as built in and modded too, otherwise upgrade them with cybernetics. I’d treat it as a droid NPC

Here’s how I handle it:
Cybernetics: Up to 6 Cybernetics may be installed. (RAW)
Armor: May wear armor (and mod it) as per usual, but it counts as armor plating etc. and so GM discretion should be used regarding what armors are eligible. Additionally, GMs and players should consider that Armored Clothing will be very different on a droid than on a player, as it’ll be metal plating that is simply designed not to look like armor plating as opposed to concealed ceramic plates or armorweave. Encumbrance still reduced by 3. This is RAW with added advice.

Carrying/equipping equipment: A droid can hold up to its base Encumbrance Threshold (Brawn+5) as built-in equipment. Anything over requires a Mechanics check of a difficulty equal to the amount exceeding Threshold (so if it puts the droid 2 over, it’d be Average). Additionally, the droid can carry equipment as per usual, and equip backpacks, utility belts, etc.

To adjust droid skills, I’d suggest reprogramming via the crafting rules, although you’re typically better off with the RAW stats.


Thanks for all the input.
Yeah I forgot about Cybernetics and that Droids might also just wear armor.
That make’s things easier :+1:
(I was fretting over nothing again xD)