My Two Cents: Complete Talent Database

Hello my fellow GMs and Players,

Spent a while compiling a database of all the talents in the game, including the full descriptions, their activations, and whether they are ranked or not.

Hope it’s of use to any who need or would want such a database.

Though seeing I am a new user I can’t upload the file. I’ll link a google drive link with the PDF file until I can directly upload it here.



Wow very impressive. This well save a lot of time looking up Talents. Thank you for doing this and sharing it.

That’s fantastic! A great way to introduce yourself to the forum.

You beat me to it. That was one of the items on my “to-do” list for my spreadsheet project. If/when I eventually get around to doing it, would you mind if I use this as a base to easily copy-paste data into the cells?

Now how could I say no to such a majestic and legendary warbird and lord of the sky?

Perfectly happy to copy-paste the data into a spreadsheet for cells no quarrels there.

Glad the work I’ve done is useful,


Dude this is awesome. I’ve been wanting something like this for some time.