Ned-B PC build

Hello folks.

I am trying to build Ned-B as a PC character and I am not sure how best to represent him in the FFG system. Ned-B is a loading droid, but much more Humanoid than most of the loaders we have seen.

Yes, I know he died in Kenobi, so this is more like Ned-C but can you help me out?

Probably high Brawn, decent Willpower, low Intellect and Presence, with moderate Agility. Cunning would be 2 at the highest.

You’d want a career that gives him Discipline, Vigilance, and possibly Cool, with Brawl, Melee, and Ranged (Heavy) being good options as well.

A Soldier or Hired Gun career would probably be best. My suggestion would be Hired Gun: Bodyguard or Soldier: Vanguard.

With 175 XP for characteristics, 4 Brawn, 3 Willpower, 2 Agility is 160. With +5 Obligation or -5 Duty, you could bump Cunning to 2. The choice between Willpower and Agility depends on your preferences and goals. If he’s going to be primarily a melee combatant, Agility could be sacrificed in favor of the stalwartness of a high Willpower.


Thank you very much.