Need Help with Obligation ideas

I ma starting new story for EoTE and one of my players wants his obligation to be Obsessed with Modifying his ship. Right off the bat I can see that it will be pricey but other than that I am not sure how to go about incurring a ST or any negatives if this obligation is rolled. Any and all help would be appreciated.

I actually quite like that as an obligation, because I see the mechanics (pun intended) of it as being fairly easy to work in.

It immediately makes me think of how unreliable the Millennium Falcon was, and that the constant pursuit of tricking out the ship has made it very temperamental.

  • You can have the ship suddenly exhibit problems with essential or non-essential systems whenever it’s relevant.
  • You can have the character see something on another ship which grabs their attention and makes them talk to someone who would be willing to part with it in exchange for a favor.
  • You can make it so that a component they need can only be acquired by dealing with black market sellers during sessions where their obligation is triggered.
  • If the party needs money, then someone could ask them to take on a job based on seeing their ships modifications (e.g. they need to smuggle cargo quickly or they need someone with a tractor beam to get something from an imperial wreck)

Random space encounters while travelling is probably the best way to make the ship matter. I personally have trouble making space encounters interesting sometimes, but having a ship which is constantly being modified sounds like a fun way to narratively get the party into trouble so they can have the fun of getting out of trouble.

I look forward to hearing what you come up with!

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I agree with everything said above, but will add that Strain Threshold can be as simple as the character is distracted or stressed about something and talks the ears off everyone else, or his stress simply grates on the others’ nerves.

The source of stress can be anything from “must have” desires to concerns (real or imagined) with the ship’s condition.

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