New Calendar and Event System!

Hey there folks! I’ve been doing some planning for future features to further integrate the Discord, Forums, and Site, and one idea I’ve been playing with is a unified event and scheduling system.

You are now able to attach “events” to topics. This should allow for easier organization of one-shots, meetings, workshops, etc… All events will also be posted to a centralized SWRPG Community Calendar found here:

I’m still working out the finer minutia of this system, but I think the possibilities are pretty cool! I’m also in the process of setting up a similar setup on the Discord, which allows for sign ups, waitlists, etc…

Let me know if you have any thoughts!


This also served as a test post to see how quickly new events get passed to the centralized community calendar, so bear with :slight_smile:

In line with my previous message, we have just today rolled out the equivalent events system on the Discord, with the calendar syncing much more fast now.

We’ve also just announced two Character Creation workshops to take place on the Discord if anyone here is interested in joining! Check #announcements in the Discord server to sign up :slight_smile:


Sounds useful! Thank you!

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