New Campaign - Rangers of Anoat

I’m starting a new campign soon with my regular group, and just wanted to share as I’m quite excited that I’ve had recent breakthroughs with what the overarching plot will be (won’t be sharing that here as at least 1 player is on here, if not overly active.

Anyway here is the main premise of the campaign, and an overview of the factions in play in the Sector.

Rangers of Anoat

A Star Wars Campaign

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away …

It is 3 years since the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor. However the victory for the Alliance to Restore the Republic did not spell the end of Palpatine’s New Order, or war and conflict across the Galaxy. Many systems, and in some cases whole sectors, found themselves still under the boot of Moffs, Admirals, and would be warlords determined to maintain their grip on power in the vain hope that The Empire could persist.
The Anoat Sector is one such region that has only recently managed to shed the yoke of Imperial Rule, having been blockaded by an Imperial Governor determined to stifle news of The Emperor’s passing in an attempt to maintain the status quo.
Now freshly liberated, the historically independent sector has reinstalled their traditional rulers The Noble Court. Independence comes at a cost though, with The New Republic’s resources spread thinly across a galaxy trying to rebuild, The Noble Court are forced to attempt to restore order to their systems with no outside help or assistance, and not every system recognises their authority to do so.
As part of this program, they have set up a small taskforce, with an unlimited remit to support local planetary Law Enforcement authorities in dealing with major crimes, pirates, smugglers, and looters.
The Anoat Federated Inquest and Violations Office answers only to The Noble Court themselves, and you have all been recruited into their still slender ranks.

**Anoat Sector History **

The Noble Court
Since before the formation of The Old Republic the Anoat Sector has been ruled by The Noble Court, a semi hereditary council of primarily Nothoiin aristocrats. The Noble Court elects a King or Queen from within their own dynastic ranks, whose identity would traditionally remain secret, being known officially only as Their Majesty.
Whilst the Anoat sector remained independent of The Republic throughout its long existence, even managing to maintain neutrality during the Clone Wars, the reign of the Noble Court was to come to an end after the formation of the Empire. Accused of consorting with outlawed Force users, the Noble Court, along with most of the Nothoiin aristocracy were swept up in the New Order’s Great Purge. Only a few managed to escape, going into hiding in the outer rim, where they formed a Secret Society known as the Court-In-Exile that sought to reclaim their territory.

Imperial Rule
Over the next 2 decades the sector got by under Imperial rule with little incident, and only a minimal military presence, due to its remote location, and scant tactical value or resources. That is until The Empire discovered a hidden rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth. Following a successful mission to destroy the rebel base, and a pursuit of key rebel leaders to Bespin, the Empire began a full occupation of the sector under the command of Governor Ubrik Adelhard.
The Iron Blockade
Following the destruction of the Second Death Star at the Battle of Endor Moff Adelhard formed a blockade of the Anoat Sector, cutting off all major Hyperspace routes, and isolating the sector from the rest of the Galaxy.
Adelhard claimed reports of the Emperor’s demise were treasonous lies, cracking down hard across the sector. Imperial forces started killing all who opposed the status quo, or dared to propagate so-called anti-Imperial rumours, violently quashing any signs of sedition or rebellion.
Despite isolation from the now fractured Empire, Moff Adelhard managed to maintain his grip on the sector for nearly 3 years. The New Republic had few resources available to help liberate outer rim sectors, especially those that had never previously been members of the republic themselves.
Seemingly abandoned the people of the Anoat Sector were forced to break the blockade themselves. A tentative coalition of disparate groups was formed including The Court-In-Exile, The Trade Spine League, the criminal Ivax Syndicate, and an assortment of other independent smugglers, rebels, and anyone opposed to Imperial rule.
Through a combination of guerrilla warfare, illicit propaganda, hit and run fleet operations, and variety of other methods less savoury than some involved would care to admit, the Iron Blockade was eventually broken and the Imperial Remnants driven from the Sector all together.

State of Play
Once the Iron Blockade was broken The Noble Court reformed, although thanks to the near genocide of the Nothoiin aristocracy, the composition of the Court is now far more diverse than ever before in the sector’s history. They wasted no time in electing a new Queen whose identity, as their ancient traditions dictate, remains a well-guarded secret.
The Noble Court’s renewed rule on the sector is however tentative. Some planetary governments no longer see the need for Sector Governance, or they question the wisdom in continuing to remain independent of The New Republic. Additionally, the criminal elements that aided in the uprising against Adelhard’s Iron Blockade are emboldened, feeling that they have earned a degree of leeway, or deserve favour and the freedom to operate as they choose, without interference or sanction from a government that would not be where it is were if not for their help.
This has led to Her Majesty creating a new task force, the Federated Inquest and Violations Office.

Other Notable Organisations

Figg Conglomeration
The name Figg is almost synonymous with the Greater Javin region, and in particular the Anoat Sector, as it was the great explorer Ecclessis Figg who original forged the Hyperlanes through the previously impenetrable Ivax and Klax Nebulae centuries ago. These days the Figg Conglomeration logo, or that of one of its many subsidiary companies can be found in almost every avenue of commerce throughout the sector.
The most prominent businesses are:
The Greater Javin Company. Ostensibly a holding company for the other sections of the business, The Greater Javin Company has its headquarters in one of the largest offices on Gerrenthum, a megalithic spire in the centre of the planet’s business district.
Figg Excavations. As the foremost mining operation in the Greater Javin region, FiggEx has a near monopoly of the many mining facilities across the Anoat Sector, and with mining being the at the heart of the sector’s economy, FiggEx installations can be found in most systems.
Figg & Associates. The manufacturing and innovation arm of the business, Figg & Associates specialise in the production of mining equipment, supplying not only to FiggEx, but many other Mining Guild members too, exporting tech to every corner of the galaxy.
Other companies include GJC Personnel, Figg Refinement, Greater Javin Haulage, and FiggSec.

The Trade Spine League
An organisation that looks after the interests of independent and freelance hauliers, couriers, traders, mercenaries, and other assorted professionals, along the length of The Corellian Trade Spine hyperlane. During the time of the Empire the Trade Spine League was just an unofficial alliance of smugglers, criminals, and other ne’er-do-wells. Since the breaking of the Iron Blockade however, they have leveraged their involvement in the conflict to ‘go straight’, setting themselves up as Union of sorts, with the purpose of negotiating official contracts, and lobbying local and sector governments on behalf of their members.

Zygian Banking Concern
This massive Core World banking corporation has branches of its subsidiary Zygian Savings and Loan throughout the sector, including large offices on Gerrenthum, Kirtarkin, and Mexeluine. The bank is thought to have profited greatly during the reign of The Empire, and is now continuing to profit from the rebuilding of the Sector through the providing of financing to individuals, small business, and corporations.

PLJNR (People’s Lobby for the Joining of the New Republic)
Not everyone in The Anoat Sector welcomes the rule of The Noble Court, thinking the whole setup to be elitist and inherently nepotistic. Many planets still remain completely independent of sector or galactic governance, but across the sector on planets both loyal to The Noble Court and not, there are groups that see an opportunity to be part of something bigger. The People’s Lobby for the Joining of the New Republic feel that the sense of hope across the galaxy brought about the downfall of the Empire can lead to a new age of prosperity and equity for all, and as such spend their time lobbying planetary governments, The Noble Court, and the sector’s business leaders.

The Ivax Syndicate
A previously secretive criminal organisation led by Voras the Hutt of the Gnuda Kajidic, whose concerns include underground gambling, racing, blood sports, and prostitution. The Ivax Syndicate were forced into the open when the effects of the Iron Blockade put a stranglehold on their operations, and Voras freely offered the Syndicate’s full resources to assist in breaking the blockade. They have since melted back into the shadows, following confrontations with the Baron Administrator of Cloud City on Bespin. It is thought that Voras may have fled back to Hutt Space, but the fingerprints of the syndicate can still be found all over the seedier sides of the sector’s recreational activities.

Imperial Remnants
As with most independent outer rim sectors, it is thought that even after the breaking of The Iron Blockade, The Anoat Sector still harbours factions of Imperial Remnants, hidden in the less populated systems, far from the gaze of the New Republic.


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If you insist.

So far the PCs consist of:

Lisha Nim - Nothoiin, Diplomat: Agitator. Daughter of a member of the Noble Court, who is staunchly Pro New Rep, and Anti Monarchy. She has an Obligation of Obsession/Blackmail, where she is using dirt she has on some other Noble Court families to force them to help campaign for the sector to join the New Republic. She’s been put in the unit under a pseudonym, to basically keep her away from the halls of power.

Jensen - Human, Colonist: Doctor/Imperial Academy Cadet. Storm Trooper Deserter, who was always making money on the side through some illegal hustle, until his unit was wiped out by “friendly fire” in the form of an orbital bombardment. Obligations of Criminal and Oath, he swore to look out for his squad mate’s lover and her kid after he died saving Jensen’s life, but is kinda just stalking her. He joined the unit after fighting against the Iron Blockade following his desertion. No one knows he was a Storm Trooper.

Artora Duskwing - Human, Sentinel: Sentry. Orphaned apprentice to a vigilante former Jedi Padawan, who operated in secret on Gerrenthum, under the Empire’s nose, with a cadre of other young trainee vigilantes. Je has since disappeared. Morality of Bravery/Defiance, happy to throw herself into danger, but unlikely to head tempering advice. Joined the unit to continue to fight for justice for the downtrodden.

The other 2 PCs are yet to be fleshed out by the players, but at this stange are looking to be a Shistavanen hunter/survivalist type, and a Chiss Slicer of some description.

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I like Jensen. Reminds me of a friend’s OC. I think I smell some character conflict on the stove.

I wonder if Je will turn up in the campaign? That would be something indeed.

This is gonna be good.

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Hey! I’m actually running a campaign in the Anoat Sector/Greater Javin Region, and we’re about to play through the Iron Blockade era (just skipped to the end of the Battle of Endor; we started after the Battle of Hoth).

I’ll read through these notes and let you know what I think.
Also, if you’re at all interested in my notes on information on Alliance activities, bases, power centers, or personnel, I’ll be glad to share some of that with you.

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That’s awesome dude, would love to see your notes on Rebel stuff, see what I can pick out for use, lol.

Happy to share my (admittedly brief) planet write ups too if you want.

Awesome! I’ll try to read through your (quite long) post and sort through my notes sometime today and get back to you. I might PM you a Google Drive link or two if that’s okay.

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Cool! That would be great (extra words for character count)

There is also the Nothoiin Colony inter-planetary government to consider.

The way I worked it in my game is quite similar to the British system. The “Noble Court” refers to the upper house of the parliament (Brit "House of Lords), while the lower house is formed by elected officials from constituent worlds (Brit “House of Commons”).

In the Imperial era, the Noble Court was dangerous to the Empire for more reasons than the Force connection; a monarch is a powerful symbol, and serves as competition for Emperor Palpatine for the hearts and minds of the populace.

Thus, the Empire eliminated the Noble Court (as best it could), but left the Nothoiin Colony intact. Thus, the “First Speaker” effectively becomes the head of state where previously he served a more procedural role.

Due to this power shift, many of the populace viewed the Nothoiin Colony as usurpers and collaborators, while a smaller faction was happy to do away with the aristocracy’s role in government. However, some in the Nothoiin Colony actually were in communication with the Noble-Court-in-hiding and cooperated with them on matters of governance, hoping to reinstall them once the current crisis had passed (to this end, they cooperated with the growing Rebellion in their sector as well).

My plan is that once the Rebellion is successful, the Noble Court/Nothoiin Colony system is reinstated as it was originally, although various reforms and political maneuvering would go on behind the scenes as there is a sizable faction who think they’d be better off without the Noble Court (aside from those who’d prefer the Empire) and would attempt to influence the system accordingly.

A note on the Nothoiin Colony’s history:
It would have started out as a compromise between the aristocracy and growing calls for representation among the colony worlds, for while they have their own aristocrats, they have no say in who those aristocrats are (some worlds may adopt laws which allow them to elect aristocrats, but it would generally be a life term of some sort). Accordingly, the Noble Court agreed to allow the election of representatives to the Nothoiin Colony, who would serve as a check on the power of the aristocracy.

As the Noble Court’s influence expanded to include other holdings and worlds they had not colonized, there was greater push for multicultural representation, and another compromise was reached, expanding the privilege to all worlds within Noble Court space. In the modern age, the Nothoiin Colony holds the most political power of the three parts, partly as a result of decadence among the aristocracy weakening their collective will, although some principled and willful members still act with suitable nobility.


That’s all gold dude!

Is it all your own work? I hadn’t seen any mention of the Nothoiin Colony on Wookieepedia, did I miss it somewhere?

And yeah, pre modern-parliament House of Lords type governance was what I had in mind. Although hadn’t given it this much thought, as socio-political machinations will not be a main theme of my campaign.

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Thank you! Yes, it’s all my own work. The Nothoiin Colony was mentioned only in passing (“this organization exists”), the rest of it is all my own work.

It doesn’t have to be a main theme to be relevant, as governmental structure will heavily influence any activist organizations, as well as the culture of the incorporated worlds.

Just as a bit of flavor, the Figg Conglomeration would have cooperated extensively with the Empire due to the nature of both their work and their size. However, when it comes time to purge the Imperial rot, the Figg Conglomeration would remain untouched. It is too integral to the Greater Javin Region to extract, and nationalizing the business would be a disaster. Thus, cover stories are made, certain officials are scapegoated, and its trespasses are forgiven.

Some more radical elements may reject this, and you might see various attacks carried out against Figg assets by former Rebels (or people who simply think that they are Rebels) who see the Figg companies as remnants of the Imperial system.

Likewise, you may find it useful to go on a “Nazi hunting” mission to root out an Imperial official safely cloistered within the legal protections of the Figg Conglomerate.
(By the way, it’s “Figg Conglomerate.” The Conglomerate is a conglomeration of smaller companies, but the name is Conglomerate.)

I concur, that’s pretty much my plan for them as well. You can also work in the potential corruption as many of the core members of the TSL still have criminal contacts. You must also then sort those who have contacts from those who illegally interact with those contacts, which can be tricky. Too broad a net and you catch too many, including many who are innocent, but too exacting an approach and you may let some slip through your fingers.

My only comment on this is similar to the Figg Conglomerate.

Eh, the acronym could use some work. Five-letter acronyms are a mouthful if you have to spell it out each time. So if it was “People for the New Republic” (PNR), it’d be easy. But PLJNR doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

(I’m going to use terms like “conservative” or “liberal” below, but they have no connection to modern real-world politics. Both terms are relative, and treated as such for this system.)

Here are some suggestions for organizations:

  • PLANR (pronounced “Planar”) “People’s Lobby for Alliance with the New Republic” Joins the Republic in certain regards, but hoping to maintain greater sovereignty (hence ally rather than join). Anti-aristocracy.
  • PRNC (pronounced “Prink,” with adherents known as “Prinkers”) “People for the Restoration of the Nothoiin Colony” is a frequently mocked organization, seen as often harboring Imperial sympathies as they wish to restore the Nothoiin Colony as the sole governing body. The more liberal will mock that “NC” can stand for Noble Court as well (could be pro-Noble Court if you wanted, but if it’s in power you don’t need to restore it. Though it could be historical, I suppose).
  • NRN “New Republic Now!” pushes for joining the New Republic. Can either take a position on the monarchy, or not, depending on your preference.
  • NRAC (often called “narc”) “New Republic Action Coalition” pushes for joining the New Republic. Can either take a position on the monarchy, or not, depending on your preference.
  • PGU “People for Galactic Unity” pushes to join the New Republic, and wishes to do away with much of its sovereignty in favor of galactic unity. Thus while not specifically anti-monarchy, it is effectively so as a byproduct of the abolition of sovereignty.
  • OLS “Organization for a Liberal Society” is anti-Noble Court and more surreptitiously pro-Republic. With the name as it is, this could easily be treated as a deceptive political organization with a long game in mind: tear down the monarchy, increase democratic urges, push to join the Republic. Also has rings of “secret society” or “cabal” sort of things.
  • SPC “Sovereignty Protection Council” is anti-New Republic and more conservative/pro-Noble Court, seeking to preserve the integrity of the Anoat sector as an autonomously governed region.
  • LLF “Lutrillian Liberation Front” is a species-based separatist group wanting to split off from the Nothoiin government and join the New Republic (Lutrillia, not part of the Noble Court, may have already done so, precipitating this movement). Because of the jumble of species on worlds, this has more to do with sizable minorities on worlds in the Anoat sector pushing for their worlds to secede and join the Republic, rather than form autonomous Lutrillian regions as it might should they form the vast majority of a given population.
  • RRG “Republic Referendum Group” A group pushing for a Nothoiin-Colony-wide referendum on whether or not to join the New Republic. Likely anti-Noble Court, probably leans pro-Nothoiin Colony.
  • LAM “Liberals Against Monarchy” (an acronym lending itself to mockery). A group pushing for the abolition of the Noble Court.

There may be a couple squads of Imperial special forces or even intelligence agents working behind the scenes to generally sow dissension, their own miniature Operation Cinder of sorts.

Active in this region prior to the formation of the New Republic (according to my campaign) was a squad of Death Troopers, a squad of SCAR troopers, and a particularly slippery ISB agent. You could have a situation where the ISB agent pulls the strings of multiple different factions, possibly trafficking weapons etc. to insurgent groups, while using the special forces assets for false-flag attacks. He could be the big-bad end game, or a minor big-bad they have to take down along the way, depending on the nature of your campaign. I’ll send you the details in my coming Google Doc dump.

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