New Discord Feature - Forums

Hey friends! As our SWRPG Forum community, I wanted to alert you to a new feature we have access to on the Discord called “Forums”.

We have rolled out one use case at the moment which is #campaign-postings, which you can see below:

I wanted to ask you all - is this something you would like to see expanded on the Discord?
Would this lead to you using the Discord more if we rolled out more versions of these channel types?
What channels could use this forum style approach?

I like this!

[I am kind of a newbie to Discord myself, so my queries might seem incredibly naive.]

But, I am not fully aware of the potential for this…

Would it be a simple “I am a GM running a Star Wars campaign on Wednesday nights from 7-9 PM and I am looking for players…?”

Or, would it be a “I am a GM running a Star Wars campaign on Wednesday nights from 7-9 PM and I already have players, but am looking to see if anyone out there on Discord wants to ‘listen in’ and enjoy the excitement and fun we are having but not really directly participating…? And then you - the viewer / observer - could see the dice rolls made and then give us feedback and commentary about the decisions we make as players or GM using the Discord Forums….?

[Years ago I was introduced to HYPER RPG’s ‘Pencils and Parsecs’ and fell in love with watching these talented and funny stars play FFG Star Wars under a very creative GM. If you aren’t familiar with this, their episodes / adventures can be found on YouTube.]

Would it be that “live” element to enjoying the decisions made in an adventure “in the moment” per se - but not able to jump in yourself…?

Sounds cool, but I am still trying to wrap my head around how something like this might work.

Thanks ahead of time for clarification!

Hey Bren! Thanks for the questions.

We’ve actually rolled it out if you want to take a look for yourself here: Star Wars RPG

But to answer your question, people post their games there looking for players, and then players can comment to ask questions in the threads themselves.

It’s an interesting concept you’ve presented though and definitely something to explore :thinking:

We’re curious though if there’d be interest in these types of channels for things like rules-discussion, gm-discussion, etc… as we have here on these forums, just emulated as well on the Discord. Discord usually operates on a live chat model, where there are “channels” to discuss anything in, and topics come and go with the chat (think IRC’s of old). But these new forum channels offer an experience similar to what we have here.