New Star Wars Game Trailer

I’m not a fan of the High Republic era and doubt that this game will be very good story/lore-wise (mostly from sheer pessimism), but this trailer is really impressive (even though it doesn’t tell you anything about the game): Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer - YouTube


I am indifferent. I don´t know much about the High Republic era and try to stay open minded. The Trailer is great, more like a movie and I find it interesting that the chose a music and sound we do not connect with Star Wars immediately. I think that was a wise choice.

I’d rather just get a CGI movie of this quality. The gameplay is likely going to be nothing like this.


The gameplay is likely going to be nothing like this.

When was it ever?

I think the High Republic is a fun and weird little project. Not too unlike the NJO-series, it seems, but less … gimpy BDSM and silly. Admittedly, I’ve only read the first couple of stories, but I am curious about the various plot-threads.

This trailer looks awesome, and it’ll be interesting to see what they can make up, as we wait for Acolyte and the Rian-trilogy, and of course Ahsoka.

I too am intrigued. Very interested to figure out what goes down in the High Republic as I haven’t really checked out anything of the sort as of yet.

The trailer looked quite nice.

Then I learned about the founder/president of the studio making it.

No thank you.

The trailer is amazing but I’ll have to see some gameplay to decide on whether it’s a must have

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I’ll have to agree with that. SWTOR has this same type of cinematic trailer and the gameplay looks nothing like that.

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Yes, although technology has progressed significantly. Obviously the cinematics are cinematics, but the graphical quality of the game is probably going to be pretty high.

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If the word gameplay is not mentioned no game trailer ever shows actual ingame play. It´s advertisement.

Exactly. We can only hope that the gameplay elements are going to look as good as the cinematics, which-lets be real-probably wont happen.