Nightshadow Coating mod question

The mod for Nightshadow Coating says “1 Reduce the ship’s silhouette by 1 in combat Mod.”

My understanding of the Nightshadow Coating is that it makes you harder to detect, and with the mod, harder to hit as well.

But reduce the ship’s silhouette by 1 in combat also means that the ship will have an easier time hitting others as well. A Sil 3 ship (counting as a Sil 2 in combat) will only have one purple die against Sil 4 ships, rather than 2 purple dice normally. Is this how it’s intended? Or should the mod be used as the Tricky Target talent and only work when beeing attacked?

I am not familiar with that particular ship mod, but I don’t think they fully thought through what that statement meant. They probably just meant that it should work like the Tricky Target talent.
(I think Tricky Target is not ranked, however, so check that before making it an innate talent mod.)

I think the assumption is it reduces the Silhouette for the detection or targeting of the coated ship only. It shouldn’t give any benefits the other way around.

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It’s in Fly Casual page 63 and the description says it makes the ship difficult to detect. The base modifier reduces the range for passive sensors to detect the ship. And the mod is like I quoted (1 Reduce the ship’s silhouette by 1 in combat Mod.)

It felt like the intention was to make it similar to Tricky Target. But a few of us in the group talked about the mod and if it made it easier to hit with the ship as well. And I wanted to ask what you though.

We thought of some reasons why the ship should have an easier time to hit others, but the best we could come up with was that it’s difficult to detect, so it’s easier to line up good shots while the enemy is trying to find you. But it feels kind of forced.

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I agree. My suggestion would be to only count silhouette as 1 lower when targeted by a combat check.

Yes, our main reason to get Nightshadow Coating was for defensive purposes anyway, getting harder to hit is always nice. Thanks for the input.