Not star wars, my "3D" system

About a decade ago i started working on my own homebrew system. (Actually this is the second attempt at a system with the same name). The goal was well balanced fast and seamlessly smooth gameplay.

GM Chris and GM Dave had very positive things to say about it including an offer to publish under the gamer nation studios label, but …

I haven’t worked on it since 2017 when i was halfway through a rewrite of range bands (from a each weapon having a different number of squares for it range bands to a single set of rangebands for all weapons but not all weapons being able to fire at all rangebands) because that’s when my firstborn child was born (i now have 3 children under 5)

Anyway id appreciate if you guys try it out and tell me what you think

Here are the rules

And here is a character sheet

Here are a few filled out character sheets for a game i ran for my nephews in summer 2017

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Are you specifically looking for playtest feedback?

That’s the best kind but other comments are welcome too.