Party Resource Outline / Help?

Hey folks,

Starting up a new campaign for the first time in a bit, and wondering: does anyone have a “cheat sheet”, summary, or compiled list of the choices for a party resource?

I can currently think of these options:

  • A single ship (your standard YT-1300 or Firespray or whathaveyou)

  • A squadron of smaller ships (AGE OF REBELLION / Rogue Squadron style)

  • A base (from the AoR Diplomat book, I think?)

  • A Holocron

What else am I missing?

Do you mean the general options, or the specific options? E.g. a list of all ships that fit the bill vs. the criteria of what ships fit the bill.

Good question.

I was thinking more general. But if there are some pre-made lists out there (or easy ways to create them) for getting specific, I’d love to see that!

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Here are the ones I am familiar with, though there may certainly be some I don’t know of:

  • Ship below 120,000cr (EotE)
  • Ship below 70,000cr (FaD)
  • Lambda-class Long Range Shuttle (AoR)
  • BTL-S3 Y-wings (=party/2) (AoR)
  • Base of operations, +1,000cr per PC (AoR)
  • Jedi Holocron (FaD. For options, see page 109 of the FaD CRB)
  • Mentor (decrease base cost of Force powers by 5 XP post-CharGen)
  • Knight/Heroic-level (+150 XP, +9,000cr) (RotS, CotR, FaD)
  • The Short Path to Power (30 XP to raise FR) (CotR)
  • Weapons of Tradition (2,500cr for a lightsaber) (RotS, CotR)

If you want a list of suitable ships, you can check out my spreadsheet. While it isn’t complete, it has the significant majority of the ships and vehicles in the game. You can filter by category and then filter or sort the remainder by price to see everything that falls under the price criteria.