Path of the Righteous (High Republic Phase II) - New Work in Progress

Diving into Path of Vengeance next week, finishing up Phase II of The High Republic, and there’s some nice world- and campaign-building ideas in Phase II, and I’m really excited to work on this homebrew book. No ETA, because I’m still outlining, but…did I mention I’m excited?


I’m glad you’re excited because I’m also excited to see it. Thank you for making it.

Thanks! I’m a little more excited about the Phase II one ahead of Phase I for a couple of reasons. First, depending on what happens in Phase III, it may be easiest to combine I and III into a single book. But more importantly, I think the whole “prospecting on the wild frontier” beats make for more ongoing campaign material.

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This looks great! Super pumped.

I’m assuming you’ve had a look through /u/tinywoodsman’s High Republic sourcebook? Might be good inspiration and something to see about avoiding cross over.

For Light and Life v2.pdf - Google Drive


Thanks! I’ve got about another hour left in the audiobook of Path of Vengeance, then I can start diving in (around the work my wife & I are doing on getting a kids’ RPG group set up locally).

I’ve taken a brief glance through it quite some time ago, but when I’m covering similar ground as another homebrew creator, I try to avoid too much familiarity with what they’ve done. It’s not a knock on their work, but more about avoiding unintentionally copying their work without permission or attribution.

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Excited to see it, as I am currently working on a campaign set at the start of the Hundred Years of Darkness (I know this is before the High Republic) but all the help I can get it appreciated! The cover looks great!

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