Piloting difficulty?

Hey all,

So, I thought I knew how to do vehicles & ships, but after a discussing with another GM I’m now starting to doubt my “knowledge”. So, just how do you set the difficulty for a flying check when you have to make one in FFGSWRPG? And more importantly, where is it explained in the rules? (I’ve been re-reading the rules for an hour now and cannot find the reference).

I was under the impression that difficulty was determined by Silhouette & Speed, so a Silhouette 4 & Speed 3 ship would have a max “common” difficulty at RRRP when going full tilt. (I’m ignoring special actions and such here; I’m only interested in “common” vehicle piloting rolls, or whatever you’d call such checks). Is this correct? And if so, where does the rules say so? And if not, what is the correct formula and where is it referenced? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help, y’alls!


I think you’re thinking of the rules for flying through stellar phenomena or terrain (p. 254 of the AoR CRB, for reference). This is specific to flying through dangerous environments (like asteroid fields or a canyon), and the difficulty is equal to the current speed of the vehicle or half it’s silhouette rounded up, whichever is higher, then upgraded a number of times by the lower of those two values.

But making a Piloting check outside of that specific circumstance would be determined by the GM otherwise.


Yep, that’s the one! It seems I’ve adopted that as the go-to mechanism for determining difficulty for ALL (checkable) Piloting checks. Perhaps that was a bit harsh of me…

It’s actually speed and half silhouette and yes, it’s for difficult terrain.
As for setting difficulties just in general, there aren’t any rules as far as I’m aware, as is the case for most skills.

It’s mostly left up to GM discretion.