Planet Locations for "Chronicles of the Gatekeeper"

Hello, all. I am finally getting around to prep’ing CotG to run with my group, with a new (third) set of PCs, etc. As an aside, I will probably place it in the timeline sometime midway Ep III and Ep IV. Bad Batch, Kenobi and Andor have me excited to use that period of time, and we have already played out two campaigns against the backdrop of the OT.

As I start to breakdown the adventure, I am having trouble finding the planets on the galaxy map - as in the alpha-numeric grid reference. It helps a little with context if I can show the PCs “where” they are / are going.


  • GM Khyrith

The wookiepedia’s legends page lists the grid coordinates (if there are any) in the summary table at the top.

Right. Arbooine, for one, is not in Wookiepedia. Hence my question to see if folks know of a past game edition product or perhaps where they placed the planets if they ran the adventure