Pre-Generated Characters

I remember there being a pregenerated characters page of this site that had a rpgsessions character sheet filled out for every specialization in the game, which is now replaced with a page that is difficult to find (had to search rather than finding in any of the drop down menus) and just has a few of the characters from the beginner games, paling in comparison to it’s former glory. Any reason for this unfortunate change?

Those aren’t pre-generated characters, which is why you’re not finding it there, they’re just templates.

They’re still in the menu under Player Resources > Character Templates

It was a separate thing from the templates, these were actual fleshed out characters.

Ah, in that case I don’t recall ever seeing that here, may have been somewhere else.

It was definitely on, I think it was under GM Resources. Had some cool images and slidey transitions and everything.

Did some digging, you sure it wasn’t this? PreGen Characters - Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy

Different site not affiliated with this one that’s more about live plays and being a store.

I was just about to suggest that it might be that one as well - seems to fit the given criteria quite well.

This is the one thank you so much I totally got the two sites confused!

Ugh. Now that “corrected” site redirects to suspended page: Account Suspended

Apparently Legends of the Galaxy is defunct.
At least it isn’t Obsidian Portal, which I had momentarily confused it with. That would have been catastrophic for a lot of people.

Still sad. :slightly_frowning_face: There was some good stuff on Legends of the Galaxy site.
(goes and deletes a few bookmarks)