Publishing on Foundry - what paper size?

What paper size is preferred on the Foundry when creating PDF’s? This is the A4 vs Letter argument. Being US-based, I’m of course used to Letter. But, if I put something on the Foundry, which should I go with since those downloading it may be from various places in the world? Or is it a moot point since a PDF reader will convert it for your printer anyway if you decide to print it out?

I tried to see if there was a standard for the Foundry, but didn’t find anything.

Personally I’d prefer A4, as that is the standard around here.

Ideally you’d make a version in each size, but that of course is ludicrous… ?

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Yes I’ve considered that, but I’m not sure how that would work on the Foundry? Perhaps the download for an item includes both versions? If it’s that simple, then I will try to do that.

Some products include more than one file, so I believe it is possible, but I’ve never tried to sell anything on DTRPG.

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I’ve seen Foundry products that are zipped files. Should be possible.

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