Questline VTT for Star Wars & Genesys

I’ve tested and/or used several VTT’s through the years (Foundry, roll20, Fantasy Grounds), but recently settled on another one, Questline VTT, for a new Genesys campaign. I’m somewhat of a fanboy of it now, but thought others could benefit. Specifically I’ve been using it for Genesys, but the Star Wars framework was developed first. There is an example twitch of it being used in a Star Wars campaign Shadows of Malachor.

Why I like it? Browser-based, only GM has to pay. Much easier to get into then Foundry. I would compare it to roll20 in ability to use it. It’s not just a tabletop simulator, it includes a dice roller (3D and chat). There is direct support for character sheets for SW/Genesys. You can custom-edit the sheets and skills. There are sheets for Minions, Rivals, Adversaries, PCs, NPC Vehicles, and PC Vehicles. Destiny/Story Pool is included. Party treasure supported. With the sheets, item creation database, mapping notes, and journal, I’ve been able to build my campaign within Questline to be used during play (tooltip over a weapon to get its stats, double-click on a token to get the stats on an NPC, etc).

Something that no other VTT (that I’ve discovered) that Questline has is full Minion support. Tokens can be linked into a Minion group. Then, their total Wounds are automatically computed (Wounds X #). When rolling for the group, the dice roller adjusts by the number in the group!

The creator is very, very active on Discord and I’ve seen him take suggestions and update portions of Questline, make corrections, troubleshoot for customers, just within the last couple of weeks.

Ok, off my soapbox. I’m a paying customer (as a GM) and am not receiving anything from posting, just a fanboy. If you use or are thinking of using a VTT for Star Wars or Genesys, I ended up on this one after using the big names. It’s worth a look.