Quoting bug?

@Marlow when quoting an entire post, the forum automatically deletes the quoted section (this only occurs when the entire post is quoted. The forum acts as expected if only part of a post is quoted). Is this intentional, and can you change it?

There’s a “quote whole post” button on the far left of the options bar.

And it just deleted the “whole quote” thing, so nevermind.
Using my mod powers, I was able to revert it. The system automatically deletes the quotes, for some reason.

Yeah, that’s what I was referring to.

I’ll look into this!

Ah, glad to see this is already a known issue. It just happened to me and I wondered what I did wrong.

When you quote a full post, it has a “full:true” condition added on to the end.

[quote=“Marlow, post:5, topic:163, full:true”]
I’ll look into this!

Like that ^
Instead of this v

[quote=“Marlow, post:5, topic:163”]
I’ll look into this

If you remove the “full:true” tag entirely, so it ends after “topic:###”, it’ll post the full post.

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