Radiation damage?


Our group will visit Barab I (Barab I | Wookieepedia | Fandom) soon which is an irradiated planet.

So two players in our group got Radiation Shielding attachments (Special Modification page 58) for our armor which adds 2 boost dice to Resilience checks to resist radiation and 2 modifications which increase armor soak by 1 against radiation.

But, we cannot find rules about radiation damage. We assume due to the rules on the attachment that you roll Resilience after beeing exposed to radiation, and then suffer damage depending on that roll, with the extra soak from the radiation shielding attachment mods.

The two other players didn’t get any armor, attachments or gear at all to protect against radiation. Would normal armor soak help at all? Will Brawn soak any Radiation damage? Are there any lasting effects from radiation exposure?

If anyone can quote the rules and/or give a page reference to which book we can find the rules in? That would be great!

Related question, would it be possible to use a general purpose scanner as a geiger counter?

Thanks in advance!

In this old thread are some interesting house rules.

FFG Forum Archive (entropicdreams.com)

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Simplest solution, use the rules for Corrosive Atmosphere. There was a topic or two on it on the old forum as well.

Genesys has radiation rules: Basically, when a character is exposed to radiation or spends a day in an area with ambient radiation, they make a hard Resilience check, modified by the GM as they see fit. If they fail, they gain 1 level of radiation, reducing their wound and strain threshold by an amount equal to their radiation level, and they die if either threshold drops to 0.